Atrial Cage For Placement, Securing And Anchoring Of Atrioventricular Valves

Tech ID: 30218 / UC Case 2018-068-0

Brief Description

A collapsible heart valve supporting structure that securely anchors and prevents unwanted valvular dislodgment post implantation.

Full Description

Current treatment options to a leaky or malfunctioning valves are to replace the valves through open heart surgery via a transcatheter valve replacement procedure. Unfortunately, the implanted valves can dislodge or shift from the implanted positions. Clearly, there appears to be a need for securely placing and implanting valve especially an atrioventricular valve within the atrium of the heart. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, have developed a novel way to securely deliver and place implanted valves. The researchers designed an atrial cage which can be securely delivered and prevent the dislodgement of the valves into the atrium or ventricle.

Suggested uses

• Securing and anchoring percutaneously delivered atrioventricular valves


• Can reduce post implantation complications of percutaneous valve replacement procedures

State Of Development

Development in progress.


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