Mobile Microscopy Camera

Tech ID: 30158 / UC Case 2018-514-0

Brief Description

A portable camera device that combines fluorescent imaging with optical sectioning capability of microscopic samples and wireless data transfer. This 3D sectioning imaging system and fluorescent detection will detect bacteria for ease use in remote areas for on-site diagnosis and will connect to a smartphone. The technology will lead to significant improvements in public health.

Suggested uses

·Diagnostics for portable detection of bacteria in remote locations

·Educational purposes

·Public health


·Detection of bacteria in food and water with a minimal wait time

·Culture-free, portable, inexpensive

·Convenient usage for remote areas

Technology Description

Current identification of bacteria are conducted through cell cultures and microscopes. Certain harmful bacteria like E. Coli may enter a nonbacterial culture state, which will evade detection using common culture techniques. This technology uses a transportable camera attached to a smart phone and makes use of selective plane illumination to section a 3D sample. This may be achieved by illuminating a plane with a thin sheet illumination. After the collection of the data, an algorithm may analyze the sample when offline or when connected through a server.

State Of Development

Prototype has been developed.


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  • Hedde, Per Niklas

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