Murine Femoral Critical Defect Model

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery have developed an implant system for bone fracture in the mouse femur as a model of intramembranous bone healing.


Internal fixation systems (usually plates and screws) are surgically implanted for the purpose of repairing bone following a fracture. Open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) involves the implementation of implants to guide the healing process of a bone as well as ‘setting’ the bone itself.Risks and complications for this technique include bacterial colonization of the bone, infection, stiffness, and nerve damage. There currently exist rat models for bone repair, but there have been challenges for developing a reliable model for mice due to their small size. Since mice are much more commonly used in the research setting for all applications (knock-out, knock-in, stem cell transplants), there is a need for a mouse model that recapitulates the surgery and healing process in mice.


Researchers at UCLA have developed an implant system for bone fracture in the mouse femur as a model of intramembranous bone healing. This system is an exact recapitulation of the implants used in human beings, as well as a replicate of the steps involved in current surgeries.This model would allow for preclinical animal studies of pharmacologic or biologic interventions that have bone healing properties.


  • Preclinical research with an in vivo model to assess bone healing (e.g. drugs of interest, new stem cell therapies)


  • No model currently exists in mice
  • Recapitulates implants (the surgery and the implants themselves) used in humans

State Of Development

This model has been tested in mice, followed by measurements of healing.

Related Materials

  • Bernthal, Nicholas M., et al. "A mouse model of post-arthroplasty Staphylococcus aureus joint infection to evaluate in vivo the efficacy of antimicrobial implant coatings." PloS one 5.9 (2010): e12580
  • Kremen, Thomas J., and David R. McAllister. "Graft selection in multiple ligament injured knee surgery." The Multiple Ligament Injured Knee. Springer New York, 2013. 115-128.


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  • Kremen, Thomas

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