Remote Patient Monitoring System And Sensor

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Surgery and Bioengineering have developed a mobile phone application that remotely monitors post-operative health status as well as patient-reported outcomes.


Failure to detect changes in patients' post-operative health status increases the risk of adverse outcomes, including complications and readmission. Wireless health technology presents an opportunity to close the information gap between discharge and first clinic visit, and, eventually, to improve patient-provider communication, increase patient satisfaction, and prevent unnecessary readmissions. Although wireless health technology is more commonly used in diabetes and heart failure management, this technology is expanding to perioperative care. Modern devices may be equipped to transmit complex information regarding patients' mobility, wound healing, or physiologic function, such as electrocardiographic wave forms. Therefore, wireless health technology can overcome traditional discharge intervention methods with the hopes of reducing adverse outcomes in patients.


UCLA researchers have design and implemented a real-time surveillance system for post-operative colorectal surgery patients utilizing wireless health technology. The remote patient monitoring system (RPMS) is a mobile application that reliably collects basic data on post-operative health status as well as patient-reported outcomes not previously captured by standard assessment techniques. The remote monitoring system can be easily incorporated into existing clinical care pathways. The RPMS may also decrease length of stay duration for hospitalized patients in the peri-operative/peri-admission setting without increasing the risk for readmissions. To expand the outreach of the RPMS, it will integrate with other support services which are vital to patient care post-discharge including home health nurse agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and post-operative clinics.


  • Wireless health technology 
  • Perioperative care


  • Reliably collects post-operative health data not previously captured by standard assessment techniques 
  • May lead to reduction in hospital readmissions  
  • May decrease length of hospital stay 
  • Integrated with other support services 
  • Can be easily incorporated into existing clinical care pathways

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