Integrated Nanocrescent Optical Antenna System (iNOAS) for Rapid Precision Molecular Diagnostics

Tech ID: 29682 / UC Case 2019-015-0

Brief Description

UC Researchers have developed a hexagonally packed nanocrescent optical antenna array for real-time ultrafast photonic PCR, which can avoid the problem of quenching fluorescent probes by applying well-matched resonance oscillation of electrons instead of random photothermal heating. Matching the plasmon resonance with NIR diode and the design of integrated nanocrescent optical antenna on chip allows effective plasmonic conversion of the light to heat drastically. It improves not only time consuming thermal cycling step, but also real­time PCR detection due to amplified signals without the excessive heating problem of fluorescent molecules. 

Suggested uses

  • real-time ultrafast photonic PCR


  • avoids the problem of quenching fluorescent probes 

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  • Lee, Luke P.

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