ABSTRACT: Platinum/Palladium Fuel Cell Catalyst

Tech ID: 29663 / UC Case 2011-341-0


Researchers at UCR have developed a durable platinum-coated palladium nanowire (Pt/PdNW) that may be used as a fuel cell catalyst.  This new catalyst is more active and less expensive than platinum on carbon catalyst (Pt/C). Metal nanowires in general possess exceptional composition and dimensional aspects that enhance catalyst durability and function.  Pt/PdNW synthesized with Pt loadings of 9 wt% (PtPd9) demonstrated oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activities that greatly exceed those of Pt/C. The mass and area catalyst activity for ORR for Pt/PdNWs exceeded those of Pt/C.



Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,680,160 06/13/2017 2011-341


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