FIIND-CARD Proteins as Biosensors

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2019210271 10/31/2019 2018-162

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Brief Description

The inventors propose the use of FIIND-CARD proteins as biosensors. The inventors have discovered that the FIIND-CARD module can be activated upon proteasome-mediated degradation. After activation by proteasome-mediated degradation, an active FIIND-CARD fragment is released. The native form of this fragment recruits and activates a potent cell death response, but the inventors propose that it could also be engineered to activate additional reporter activities (e.g., fluorescence). They propose that by connecting the FIIND-CARD module to bait proteins of interest, it will be possible to sensitively screen for upstream activators that target the bait protein for degradation. Upstream activators may include E3 ligases or proteases or anything that results in the bait protein being destabilized. The system could also be deployed as a screening platform to develop PROTAC small molecules that initiate degradation of host target proteins. The inventors believe that the FIIND-CARD module is a flexible and widely adaptable in cell screening platform for the discovery of novel modulators of cellular enzymatic activities.

Suggested uses

Among the many potential uses, this platform could be used:
  • for targeting Ub ligases
  • for targeting proteases 
  • as a screening platform to develop proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) small molecules 



The FIIND-CARD module is a flexible, adaptable cell screening platform for the discovery of novel modulators of cellular enzymatic activities. 

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  • Vance, Russell E.

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proteasome, protein, PROTAC, proteolysis targeting chimera, small molecule

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