Cyclopentadiene Compounds For Use In Bioorthogonal Coupling Reactions

Tech ID: 29336 / UC Case 2018-376-0


UCLA researchers in the Department of Chemistry have developed bioorthogonal coupling reactions for labelling biomolecules with molecular probes.


Bioorthogonal reactions, chemical reactions that occur in living systems without interfering with native biological processes, has transformed the ability to study biomolecules. This selective reaction between functional groups in the presence of biological entities has allowed biomolecule labelling and monitoring in vivo. Great progress has been made at increasing the rate and selectivity of bioorthogonal reactions, but low stability compromises the cellular reducing environment and/or catalytic processes. Moreover, high costs inhibit their widespread use.


UCLA researchers have developed a bioorthogonal reaction that attaches a molecular probe onto a biomolecule for monitoring in physiological environments. These bioorthogonal coupling reactions improve the stability and cost efficiency over competing reactions. Moreover, this reaction demonstrates the first use of ambiphilic dienes in biological labeling.


  • Imaging 
  • Biomolecule monitoring


  • Improved stability 
  • High cost efficiency 
  • First use of ambiphilic dienes in biological labeling

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2019152517 08/08/2019 2018-376

Additional Patent Pending

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  • Levandowski, Brian J.

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Bioorthogonal reactions, bioorthogonal cycloadditions, bioorthogonal coupling reactions, ambiphilic dienes, biological labelling

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