Capture device for small urinary tract stones

Tech ID: 29132 / UC Case 2018-227-0

Brief Description

The invention is a surgical device designed to remove miniature fragments of uroliths that are less than 2 mm in size. Through the invention’s novel design, such small fragments are captured in the device which will then be easily removed by the surgeon. Removing small stone fragments will reduce the need for future medical procedures.

Full Description

Removal of uroliths, such as kidney and ureteral stones, is a sensitive and delicate medical procedure that can lead to recurrent symptoms if the stones are not efficiently removed. The traditional procedure includes breaking the stone into smaller fragments by the means of lithotripsy. Although the subsequent manual step eliminates fragments greater than 2mm, smaller fragments less than 2mm, will remain in the patient. Over time, these smaller fragments can regrow and again cause the recurrence of uroliths.

Inventors at the University of California, Irvine, invented a capture and retrieval device having a head structure which can be specially designed to bind small fragments. These smaller fragments can be captured in the head structure and removed by the surgeon. Removing these small stones can reduce the possibility of recurrent symptoms and surgical procedures leading to more positive patient outcomes.

Suggested uses

· Removal of:

o Uroliths (Kidney, ureteral and bladder stones)

o Fragments after medical procedures as: percutaneous nephrolithotomy, cystoscopy and ureteroscopy


  • First device to capture and remove fragments as small as 2mm and smaller
  • Expands and captures stones 360 degrees radially from its placement
  • Offers different designs and surfaces to suit different fragments shapes and types
  • Can be easily retrieved by the surgeon

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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