Cloud based platform for display and analysis of image time series

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Current microscopy systems commonly used in biomedical research labs and companies generate large amounts of large data, known as image stacks. There is currently no easy, streamlined way to store, organize and analyze these datasets on a cloud. Researchers at UCI have developed a software consisting of a cloud-based data management and analysis platform that make visualization and analysis of large image stacks simpler and faster.

Full Description

Modern imaging and microscopy systems used in biomedical research labs and companies generate large amounts of large data files (up to 1000 GB in size). Currently, back-ups of these files are tethered to desktop computers. There is no cloud-based data storage platform for these large image stacks. There is also little to no support for data visualization, inspection, organization and analysis. Current tools, such as those available via Matlab or ImageJ, require high levels of programming expertise, which are not typically found in biomedical labs or companies.

To address these needs, researchers at UCI have designed a software program that runs via a graphical user interface (GUI) on a web browser. This program is a cloud-sourced platform that allows seamless data backup to cloud repositories, and management and analysis of large imaging stacks. The design allows for a multi-user and multi-workspace environment, allowing analysis across datasets and proper support. Visualization of data is customizable per the users’ needs. This invention provides a streamlined, easy to use data storage and management system that reduces risk of data loss due to its cloud-based platform.


§ Cloud-based

§ Graphical user interface (GUI) via web browser- no installation necessary

§ Custom data visualization

§ Designed specifically for large image stacks

§ Multi-user/multi-workspace support

State Of Development

An alpha version of the software has been developed, and tested by a UCI based user group

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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