Anti-Androgens for the Treatment of Chemotherapy Resistant Prostate Cancers

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have discovered a special class of androgen inhibitors for the treatment of chemotherapeutic prostate resistant cancers.

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Current treatments for prostate cancer include mitotic inhibitors and hormone therapy. Docetaxel, a non-specific mitotic inhibitor, disrupts normal cell function and stops cell division but also results in common side effects such as hair loss, low blood cell counts, and other severe side effects such as allergic reactions and greater risk for future cancers due to drug-resistance. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) more specifically targets prostate cancer, targeting and lowering levels of male hormones in the body, preventing them from affecting prostate cancer cells. Although more specific, most patients who initially respond to ADT eventually develop strains of castration-resistant prostate cancers (CRPC). Therefore, there is an urgent need for a new class of inhibitors that can help treat chemotherapy resistant prostate concern.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have discovered a class of anti-androgens with a unique mechanism of action for the treatment of docetaxel or taxane resistant prostate cancers. These inhibitors block ABCB1 efflux and ATPase activity. In combination with docetaxel, the inhibitors re-sensitize cancer cells to treatment, working synergistically to lower effective dose. Finally, the inhibition of the ABCB1 and ATPase activity is independent of the actual androgen receptor, suggesting the inhibitors can be applied to other types of cancer treated with docetaxel. Use of the treatment has also been tested and proven to have a significantly anti-tumor effect in AR-positive and AR-negative docetaxel-resistant xenografts.


  • Treatment of docetaxel and taxane resistant cancers


  • Combination of anti-androgens and anti-cancer drugs can re-sensitize patients to treatments and achieve synergy
  • The inhibition of ABCB1 and ATPase activity by anti-androgens independent of androgen receptor
  • Can be applied to other types of cancer

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United States Of America Published Application 20180153850 06/07/2018 2015-771


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  • Gao, Allen C.
  • Zhu, Yezi

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prostate cancer, chemotherapy, docetaxel, taxane, androgen receptor

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