Monolithically Integrated Implantable Flexible Antenna for Electrocorticography and Related Biotelemetry Devices

Tech ID: 27419 / UC Case 2013-089-0

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,819,074 11/14/2017 2013-089


A sub-skin-depth (nanoscale metallization) thin film antenna is shown that is monolithically integrated with an array of neural recording electrodes on a flexible polymer substrate. The structure is intended for long-term biometric data and power transfer such as electrocorticographic neural recording in a wireless brain-machine interface system. The system includes a microfabricated thin-film electrode array and a loop antenna patterned in the same microfabrication process, on the same or on separate conductor layers designed to be bonded to an ultra-low power ASIC.


  • Brain-machine interface systems


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  • Ledochowitsch, Peter

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electrocorticography, ECoG, EEG, neural signal, brain recording, neural, brain, brain computer interface, brain machine interface, EEG amplifier, electroencephalography

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