Clinical Operations Management and Patient Analytics System (C.O.M.P.A.S.)

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Brief Description

The C.O.M.P.A.S. system is a suite of software tools designed to improve the efficiency of outpatient health clinics. The software displays a HIPPA-compliant, real-time map of clinic operations and regularly computes clinic efficiency metrics, which are useful in guiding decisions for improvements, both in clinic organization and in patient experience. The C.O.M.P.A.S. suite turns medical clinics into SMART clinics.

Full Description

As outpatient health clinics grow to serve higher numbers of patients, workplace management has become both more complex and increasingly important. Most high-traffic outpatient clinics now use electronic practice management software to improve the efficiency of certain tasks such as medical record storage, appointment scheduling, billing, and insurance verification, but a key challenge that remains in outpatient clinic management is the real-time monitoring of overall clinic operations.

Inventors at UC Irvine have addressed this challenge by creating a suite of software tools that monitors each patient visit electronically from check-in to check-out. The software displays a real-time map of all clinic operations and can alert staff when a patient has been waiting for longer than 15 minutes to see a provider. The system is updated each time a provider scans his/her badge and data from each clinic day are stored securely. Additionally, C.O.M.P.A.S. uses this data to compute clinic efficiency metrics at regular intervals, giving management the tools they need to improve patient experiences and clinic organization.


§ Real-time outpatient clinic monitoring software

§ Computes clinic efficiency metrics to help guide clinic management decisions

§ Badge-access – no need for real time location infrastructure (RF, WiFi, etc.)

State Of Development

C.O.M.P.A.S is fully operational in select UC Irvine outpatient clinics.


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