Wireless Wearable Big Data Brain Machine Interface (W2b2/Wwbb)

Tech ID: 27213 / UC Case 2014-495-0


UCLA researchers have developed a wireless wearable big data brain machine interface. This technology provides a user-friendly brain machine interface system that can monitor/record a large amount of brain activities and transfer, wirelessly, the processed/raw data to a remote mobile unit.


  • A brain machine interface is a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device
  • It is often directed at assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions
  • There is a need to improving the quality of neuronal recordings, achieve stable, long-term performance, and extend the brain-machine interface approach to a broad range of motor and sensory functions
  • The brain-computer interface market is technology-driven and is continuously witnessing various technological advancements which has led to high functionality and miniaturization of devices
  • The traditional use of EEG devices as a diagnostic tool has now expanded to a range of applications


  • User friendly wearable brain machine interface system
  • Ability to monitor and record large amount of neural activity to a remote terminal wirelessly


  • Investigating brain activity mapping
  • Monitoring function during neurosurgery
  • Diagnosing brain abnormalities
  • Developing new technology/treatment to prevent/cure brain-related illness
  • Develop more advanced brain-machine interface systems
    • Control wearable prostheses
    • Control exoskeletons


  • Big data transfer
    • High throughput data transfer
    • Fine and large scale resolution of neural activity
  • Wireless communication: it enables the patient/subject to move freely
  • Wearable format
  • Real-time neural activity monitoring

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,027,362 07/17/2018 2014-495


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  • Liu, Wentai

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brain machine interface, brain computer interface, EEG, wireless, high throughput, real-time monitoring, neural activity, big data, sensory-motor function, diagnostic, wearable computing device

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