Micro-Glassblown 3-D Coriolis Vibratory MEMS Gyroscope

Tech ID: 27076 / UC Case 2014-357-0

Brief Description

Micro-glassblowing batch fabrication process for 3-D MEMS gyroscope

Full Description

Macro-scale hemispherical resonator gyroscopes have the qualities for high-performance resonator applications – e.g. precision timing and inertial sensing. State of the art resonator gyroscopes are large (20+ mm diameter), expensive (upwards of $50k per gyroscope), and not compatible with batch level fabrication.

The inventors have developed a method for batch fabrication of high performance, fused silica MEMS gyroscopes. An advantageous wineglass geometry is used, resulting in devices which are highly symmetric, minimize energy loss, and are robust to external vibrations. Most notably, the inventors have developed both in-plane and out-of-plane transductions methods, which has resulted in Q-factors as high as 85,000 – unprecedented for resonators of that size.

Suggested uses

High performance gyroscope, timing, signal processing, and inertial sensing


· Capability for batch fabrication

· Compact devices 10 to 100 times smaller than and consume less power than state of the art commercial fused silica gyroscopes

· Out-of-plane transduction method allows for smaller capacitive gaps, lower cost, and robustness to alignment errors and noise

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,702,728 07/11/2017 2014-357

State Of Development

Working prototypes have been developed using batch fabrication and characterized to high-performance standards

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