Hydrogel for Improved Burn Wound Healing

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Brief Description


The US spends $25B alone on wound treatment of burns. The wound treatment market is projected to grow to $18.3B in just 4 years. Current treatments have been unsuccessful in fostering proper wound healing safe from infections. Not only do they have low efficacy, but they are very expensive to produce. The most commonly used wound dressing is a hydrogel. Hydrogels reduce pain and healing time, promotes cell proliferation and collagen deposition, and is the most appropriate for burn wounds.


Brief Description:

UCR researchers have developed a novel formulation that can be embedded into a hydrogel to significantly improve wound healing. Through successful conjugation of a peptide and polymer, stability and longevity have been enhanced. Their formulation induced a 3-fold increase in density of newly formed microvessels, greatly improving tissue quality.


  • Safe & easy to apply and remove
  • Non-expensive and effective
  • Accelerates healing process
  • Improves tissue quality of wounds
  • Maintains suitable, moist environment for proper healing
  • Antimicrobial abilities to reduce infections


  • Treatment for burn wounds, facial reconstructive surgeries & other wound closures involving skin grafts


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burn wound healing, burn wound treatment, burn wound dressing, hydrogel, improved tissue quality, accelerated wound healing, antimicrobial peptide

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