Graphen Layer Formation On A Carbon Based Substrate

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United States Of America Issued Patent 8,652,946 02/18/2014 2015-254


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Plastics are cheap, durable, light-weight and have a wide range of practical applications. Despite its universality, plastic materials suffer from low thermal conductivity that limits them from many other uses. Graphene has many remarkable properties, that in conjunction with other materials, can enhance their functionality and usage in various market segments. The graphene market is projected to reach $200M by 2026.

Brief Description:

UCR researchers have developed a novel system and method for forming graphene layers on a substrate. The system allows for direct growth of graphene on diamonds and low temperature growth of graphene using a carbon source. Due to the various novel features of the system, one can make the most of graphene’s excellent intrinsic thermal conductivity by substantially improving the radio frequency characteristics. Thermal conductivity can be strengthened by adjusting the size and alignment of the graphene flakes. 


  • Outperforms the current fabrication methods that use Si/SiO2 substrates: retains thermal conductivity, improves current-carrying capacity of graphene-on-diamond devices, easy preparation & scalability
  • Outperforms heat conduction of plastics by 600-times


  • Thermal coating material for plastics, e.g. electronic component packaging, solid state lighting


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graphene, graphene laminate, thermal coating material, thermal conductivity, electronic component packaging, coating plastics

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