Kinnowls Mandarin

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'KinnowLS' (left) has only 2-3 seeds per fruit while 'Kinnow‘ (right) has 15-30 seeds per fruit.  



Brief Description


California is one of the largest citrus producers in the world, and the demand for fresh citrus fruit that is seedless or low-seeded is on the rise. ‘Kinnow’ is the currently popular mandarin cultivar that covers 80% of all citrus trees in the Middle Eastern regions. Despite its fecundity in this region, it is very seedy and contains about 15-30 seeds per fruit. Therefore, there is high demand for mandarins that can not only withstand diverse climate conditions but have a low seed count.


Brief Description:

KinnowLS’ is a mandarin selection developed by mutation breeding of the diploid mandarin cultivar ‘Kinnow’, having only two to three seeds per fruit in all situations of cross-pollination. It is a mid- to late-season maturing diploid mandarin that combines large-sized fruit of excellent quality and production with low seed content even in mixed plantings. ‘KinnowLS’ exhibits vertical tree growth habits, which allows it to produce a large and dense crown. This novel hybrid could be successful in a mid-to-late season marketing window which currently has few low-seeded, high quality cultivars.


  • Large-sized and low-seeded (2-3 seeds/fruit)
  • Exceptional quality – rich, sweet, juicy and has a distinctive flavor when mature
  • Easy to peel rind
  • Well adapted to growing in all California climate zones – fruit matures in January and holds its qualities until April


  • Areas with mid-to-late season marketing window which currently has few low-seeded, high quality cultivars
  • Wide climatic growing areas, including hot desert areas


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