Facial Recognition & Vehicle Logo Super-Resolution System

Tech ID: 25272 / UC Case 2012-885-2

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United States Of America Issued Patent 9,928,406 03/27/2018 2012-885


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The video surveillance market is projected to grow annually at 17% and reach $42B by 2020. Video surveillance is a popular tool to track and monitor movement of people and vehicles to provide protection and discover information for investigations. Current technologies are competent in capturing images but not with high definition. Therefore, a more advanced security system that is smarter and multidimensional is needed.


Brief Description:

UCR Researchers have developed a novel method and system for unified face representation for individual recognition in surveillance videos along with vehicle recognition. They extracted facial images from a video, generated an emotion avatar image (EAI) and computed features using their innovative algorithms. Low-resolution vehicle images can also be enhanced by using their super-resolution algorithms to produce high-resolution images. Existing technologies can only take frontal images but this new technology can handle out-of-plane, rotated images.


  • Extracts multiple images, in any configuration, and aligns them for a frontal view template
  • Classifies features of an image to an emotion type
  • Super-resolves vehicle maker’s logos to facilitate recognition of a vehicle make


  • Substitute current security and surveillance systems


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facial recognition, vehicle recognition, surveillance videos, security systems, security footage, high resolution images, avatar image, super-resolution imaging

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