Reversible Ethylene Oxide Capture in Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have devised a method to separate and purify gases such as ethylene oxide from gaseous mixtures using functionalized and porous metal-organic, covalent-organic, and zeolitic-imidazolate frameworks.


MOFs are recognized for their gas adsorbing capabilities. Because of its great stability, porous nature, and low-cost to produce, it is highly attractive for use in industrial gas purification. Ethylene oxide is a gas used for a variety of industrial applications and is, therefore, produced in large quantities. Current methods of purification are not cost-efficient or cause an irreversible ring-opening reaction that hinders the ability to recover the purified ethylene oxide. Novel materials that will allow for the purification of ethylene oxide from gas mixtures in a cost-efficient and reversible manner will be highly beneficial for industrial purifications.


Dr. Omar Yaghi at UCLA has generated two MOFs (MOF-199 and MOF-74) with ethylene oxide adsorbent capabilities. Additionally, the adsorbent nature of the MOFs for ethylene oxide is reversible, thereby greatly enhancing recovery of the purified gas. The gas was adsorbed with high capacity (Greater than 5% by weight) and great specificity.


• Incorporation into filters for industrial gas purification (i.e. Ethylene Oxide)


• Ethylene oxide can be purified economically in terms of energy and cost compared to previous methods
• MOFs has a reversible adsorption capabilities
• The MOFs are easily generated, highly stable, and adaptable towards purification of other materials

State Of Development

The adsorption and reversibility of ethylene oxide has been successfully demonstrated in laboratory scale. 

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,709,134 04/29/2014 2009-228


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  • Yaghi, Omar M.

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