Monolithic Integration Of Solar-Powered Wearable Electronics (2015-208)

Tech ID: 25045 / UC Case 2015-076-0

Technology Description

Engineers from UC San Diego have developed efficient Si-nanowire solar cell that can produce enough renewable energy to power circuit elements without requiring external energy input. The solar-powered sub-system is integrated onto the Silicon-On-Insulator-silicon (SOI) substrate platform and embedded on flexible materials, enabling the power source to conform to the uneven surfaces and contours of the human body. 

This invention uses a new approach that allows the monolithic integration of electronics made of silicon into a flexible material. Fabricated on an SOI substrate (layered Silicon-On-Insulator-silicon substrate in place of conventional silicon substrates), and leverages the mature silicon technologies to combine power, sensor, and Si circuitry onto a single chip with ultra-scaled dimensions that exhibit high performance.

The key feature of this technology is the reliable transference process – all the circuits and electrical components on an SOI substrate can be transferred to a flexible polyimide layer.

State Of Development

Further details are available under a non-disclosure agreement. Worldwide rights are available for commercial development.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20180040649 02/08/2018 2015-076


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