High-Throughput Rapid Screening Platform For Microalgal Biofuel Applications

Tech ID: 24895 / UC Case 2015-126-0

Brief Description

Algal photosynthesis is now considered a sustainable alternative and renewable solution for green energy, however, the large number of screening processes required significantly delay the time for the pragmatic applications.  Therefore, the success of algal biofuel energy production depends on the rapidity and efficiency of algal strain selections for various biofuel aspects.


UC Berkeley researchers have developed a high-throughput rapid screening platform for microalgal biofuel applications.  The screening platform enables optical field enhancement with an optical spectrum favorable to photosynthesis and enhanced intercellular interactions.  The platform shows a high rate of population growth and a significant reduction of lag-phase duration. 


Suggested uses


  •  Platform for rapidly screening strains for biofuel applications from heterogenous algal pools 



  • Use of the platform significantly shortens the time for screening needed by conventional screening processes

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  • Lee, Luke P.

Other Information


Algae screening; biofuel; green energy

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