Titanium with Enhanced Capability for Tissue Integration

Tech ID: 24588 / UC Case 2005-307-0


Professor Takahiro Ogawa and colleagues have developed materials and simple methods to greatly improve the anchorage of dental implants, while also shortening the healing time. The main problem with currently available dental implants is the long three to six month healing time for the implant to assimilate to the bone during which the patient must wear a removable prostheses. This protracted healing time adds cost to the treatment and great inconvenience to the patient. These methods and materials are inexpensive, quick, safe and reliable and could be quickly applied to clinical practice making dental implant therapy a more accessible and appealing option to the general population.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,878,146 11/04/2014 2005-307


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  • Ogawa, Takahiro

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Dental implants, prosthesis, titanium

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