LED array Microscopy Using Multiplexed Illumination Methods and Software

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 170146788 05/25/2017 2014-186
European Patent Office Published Application WO 2015/179452 11/26/2015 2014-186
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2015179452 11/26/2015 2014-186

Brief Description

LED array microscopy can be used to achieve gigapixel images with both wide field of view and high resolution.  However, the main limitation of the LED array microscope for a full sequential scan of angles is the large amount of data captured and the length of time to acquire the scan.  An image must be collected while scanning through each of the LEDs in the array, leading to hundreds of images in each dataset.  This is compounded by that fact that each LED has limited intensity, requiring long exposures for each image.


To address these problems, UC Berkeley researchers have developed multiplexed illumination methods and software achieving image quality similar to sequential scanning, but with an order of magnitude reduction in both the acquisition time and the data size (number of images) required.


Suggested uses

  • Medical imaging (whole slide imaging used in digital pathology, hematology, immuno-histochemistry and neuroanatomy)
  • General microscopy
  • Brightfield microscopy


  • High resolution and wide field of view
  • Total number of images reduced without sacrificing image quality
  • Acquisition time and data size required are reduced by more than an order of magnitude (compared to sequential scanning)



Multiplexed coded illumination for Fourier Ptychography with an LED array microscope

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  • Waller, Laura

Other Information


Imaging, optics, microscopy, LED array microscope, computational imaging, microscope illumination, imaging software

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