All-Analog Radio Interference Cancellation using CAPS Method

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Full duplex wireless networks offer the capability of transmitting and receiving data at the same time over the same frequency channel and doubling the efficiency of the bandwidth.  However, full duplex radios have been limited due to a fundamental issue known as self-interference cancelation (SIC). For SIC, there are four stages which can be used in sequence for maximum benefit: passive interference suppression, all-analog interference cancelation, hybrid interference cancelation, and all-digital interference cancelation. 

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Configuration of radio interference cancelation using CAPS (cables, attenuators and power splitters), which cancels the self-interference from the transmitter to the receiver.  



University of California researchers have developed a new design for all-analog radio SIC using elementary components used in a new design of cables, attenuators, and power splitters.  The CAPS method uses an all-analog cancelation channel using cables, attenuators,  and power splitters.  


qNo requirement for use of any phase-shift. 
qHandles real-time tuning in the presence of unknown distortion functions. 
qReadily applicable for radio interference cancelation at cellular base stations and vehicle based radios where interference cancelation is high and physical  space exists for the required hardware. 
qPotential integration into a single small size unit for low power radio devices, such as smart phones.  

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qMultiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) radios

qRadio interference cancelation between two or more radios
qInter-cell interference cancelation between cellular base stations.  

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