Portable PCR Thermal Cycler

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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
European Patent Office Published Application WO 2016/115542 07/21/2016 2014-128
Rep Of Korea Published Application WO 2016/115542 07/21/2016 2014-128
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2016115542 07/21/2016 2014-128

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Brief Description

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a standard diagnostic method used for a variety of applications, including medical diagnostics, food safety, and environmental monitoring. PCR is conventionally done in bench-top thermocyclers, which are heavy, can be complex to operate, and have high power consumption. Furthermore, PCR is time-intensive, requiring up to 40 thermal cycles consisting of multiple temperature steps.


Researchers at UC Berkeley have addressed these issues by developing a system to rapidly heat thin Au films, allowing fast thermal cycling. This system can be used as a simple and portable PCR thermal cycler for point-of-care diagnostics.


Suggested uses

  • Point-of-care diagnostics for human or animal healthcare
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Research tool for nucleic acid detection 


  • Low cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Portable
  • Fast thermal cycling

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  • Lee, Luke P.

Other Information


PCR, LAMP, RPA, thermal cycler, isothermal amplification, rapid, point-of-care, diagnostic

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