Method for Manufacturing Improved III-Nitride LEDs and Laser Diodes: Monolithic Integration of Optically Pumped and Electrically Injected III-Nitride LEDs

Tech ID: 23890 / UC Case 2014-416-0

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A novel device structure for III-nitride devices grown on non-polar or semipolar planes.



The usefulness of III-nitrides has been well established for fabrication of visible and ultraviolet optoelectronic devices and high power electronic devices. Growing these devices on nonpolar or semipolar planes of the crystal is a popular solution for reducing the polarization effects. One of the challenges of nonpolar and semipolar growth is that when green III-nitride LEDs and LDs are grown with active regions with high indium contents, the active region can form extended defects and can easily be degraded by subsequent high temperature growth steps. This degradation is due to the growth of the p-type layers after the growth of the active region, which uses high temperatures and impedes device performance. 



A novel device structure has been developed for III-nitride devices grown on non-polar or semipolar planes that does not involve the growth of p-type layers after the active region. This configuration reduces the defects and device degradation common in III-nitride LEDs and LDs grown on semipolar planes, and has the potential for creating green III-nitride LEDs and LDs with improved performance and higher wall-plug efficiency.



·         Reduced contact resistance, absorption loss, and spreading resistance in p-GaN devices

·         Decreased operating voltage of LEDs and LDs leads to increased wall-plug efficiency

·         Reduced thermal losses from resistive p-GaN layers


·         Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

·         Laser diodes (LDs)  

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,186,835 01/22/2019 2014-416


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indLED, semipolar plane, light emitting diode, laser diode, III-nitride, cenIEE, indssl, indfeat

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