Video Stabilization Software

Tech ID: 23837 / UC Case 2014-088-0

Brief Description

The main difference between professional video and amateur video is camera motion.  Most camera motions in amateur video are shot with hand-held devices (e.g., cell phone, video camera, etc.), producing video that is difficult to watch because of the camera shake that causes visible frame-to-frame jitter in the recorded video.  Previous methods on video stabilization can be roughly divided between 2D and 3D stabilization.  2D stabilization is robust and fast, but cannot account for the parallax induced by 3D camera motion.  3D stabilization can achieve higher quality results, but 3D methods are more fragile, performing 3D reconstruction is error-prone and robust 3D reconstruction requires long feature tracks, which are difficult to obtain in amateur video.


Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed software that handles parallax and rolling shutter effects which not requiring long feature trajectories or sparse 3D reconstruction.  The software uses bundled camera paths for video stabilization.

Suggested uses

  • Image stabilization software
  • Video processing software
  • Visual effects and Photoshop-type applications


Provides the robustness and simplicity of 2D stabilization methods with the high quality results seen in 3D stabilization

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  • Bai, Jiamin

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Software, video, stabilization, camera shake

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