DNA Sequence Assembly Software (Design Evolver)

Tech ID: 23597 / UC Case 2014-048-0

Brief Description

DNA sequence assembly software is used for designing the construction of longer DNA molecules from fragments of shorter DNA molecules. Current methods of sequence assembly are expensive, slow and prone to failure. Investigators at UC Berkeley have developed a sequence assembly tool, Design Evolver, which is cheaper, faster, easier to implement and less prone to failure than alternate tools. The software works in conjunction with the j5 DNA assembly tool developed and licensed by the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). Design Evolver’s algorithm can further optimize designs that have been processed by j5.

Suggested uses

  • DNA sequence assembly for commercial and life science research investigations


  • Cheaper and faster than alternate methods
  • Low rate of failure and error
  • Robust assemblies significantly reduce implementation time of designed assemblies

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  • Holtz, William J.

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