Magnetoelectric Control of Superparamagnetism

Tech ID: 23439 / UC Case 2013-470-0


The invention is a system with the ability to intrinsically control the overall net magnetization through the application of electric fields. Electric-field induced magnetic anisotropy in a multiferroic composite system is capable of switching between a superparamagnetic state (no overall net magnetization), and a single domain ferromagnetic state at constant temperature. This multiferroic composite system utilizes a piezoelectric substrate mechanically coupled to a magnetostrictive magnetic nanoparticle. Strain transfer from the substrate to the magnetic component of the system results in perturbation of the magnetization of the system. The commercial applications for this invention include but are not limited to memory, controlling magnetism, motors and logic devices.


  • Electrical field control of magnetism

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,355,764 05/31/2016 2013-470

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  • Tolbert, Sarah H.

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memory, magnetism, magnets, motors, logic device, superparamagnetism, cleantech

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