Compositions And Methods For Treating And Diagnosing Asthma

Tech ID: 23385 / UC Case 2009-117-0

Invention Novelty

To date, genome-wide expression analyses have not identified genetic biomarkers that are prognostic or predictive of therapeutic response to treatment for individual asthma patients, nor have they identified genetic biomarkers that distinguish subtypes of asthmatic patients.  In addition, no reliable non-genetic biomarkers with broad clinical applicability for prognostic or predictive responses to therapeutic treatment, or diagnostic of subtypes of asthma, have been identified.  Thus, as asthma patients seek treatment, there is considerable trial and error involved in the search for therapeutic agent(s) effective for a particular patient.  Such trial and error often involves considerable risk and discomfort to the patient in order to find the most effective therapy.

Thus, there is a need for more effective means for determining which patients will respond to which treatment and for incorporating such determinations into more effective treatment regimens for asthma patients.

Technology Description

Using gene expression signatures in bronchial epithelium, scientists have defined distinct molecular subtypes of asthma.

This technology comprises of compositions and methods for treating and diagnosing subtypes of asthma patients.  It also includes methods for identifying effective asthma therapeutic agents and predicting responsiveness to asthma therapeutic agents.


Data Availability

Further detail on this technology is available in publication number 2011-0123530 A1 

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Rep Of Korea Issued Patent 10-2070761 01/21/2020 2009-117
Hong Kong Issued Patent 1152349 11/01/2019 2009-117
Israel Issued Patent 237106 12/21/2018 2009-117
Israel Issued Patent 208366 01/21/2018 2009-117
Japan Issued Patent 6161233 06/23/2017 2009-117
Russian Federation Issued Patent 2607569 01/10/2017 2009-117
Japan Issued Patent 6037515 11/11/2016 2009-117
Australia Issued Patent 2009231733 05/26/2016 2009-117
Australia Issued Patent 2013203408 05/05/2016 2009-117
New Zealand Issued Patent 601815 02/03/2015 2009-117
Singapore Issued Patent 165090 04/25/2014 2009-117
New Zealand Issued Patent 588853 10/30/2013 2009-117

Additional Patents Pending


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