Comprehensive Multipath Routing Solution for Congestion and Quality of Service in Communication Networks

Tech ID: 22569 / UC Case 2012-261-0


The internet is based on a single-path communications model. However, this model imposes significant constraints on the ability of the internet to satisfy the quality-of-service requirements of network applications.  Thus, network resources are inefficiently used, leading to widespread congestion. The only solution has been to over-provision internet-based systems to meet the basic needs of modern communication. With the adoption of the internet as the converged communication infrastructure for the 21st century, this is clearly not an acceptable long-term solution. Despite significant research into multi-path solutions for quality of service and congestion, a comprehensive solution for both has not yet been found.

Technology Description

An invention by a UC Santa Cruz researcher provides a solution to the problems of quality-of-service (QoS) and congestion. QoS guarantees network applications are provided by routing traffic over multiple paths between a given source and destination. This scalable new solution is called Dominant Set Multipath Routing (DMSR). The UCSC DSMR algorithm computes the best set of routes between each source and destination that provides a full range of performance available from the network. These set of paths are used to avoid congestion and to select flow request paths that meet the QoS standards. This performance range can run from the full range of performance available in a network, or to a set of specific targets selected to meet the needs of a set of applications. Simulation shows DSMR enables a record eleven (11) times the capacity of single-path routing.


  • Internet traffic congestion and quality-of-service


  • Up to 11X the capacity of single-path routing while meeting the application’s QoS requirements

Intellectual Property Information

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,197,544 11/24/2015 2012-261

Additional Patent Pending


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  • Smith, Bradley R.

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Internet network congestion, multi-path routing, multi-path network solutions, Dominant Set Multipath Routing, DMSR, Cat3

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