Binaphthol-Based Chromophores for Fabrication of Blue LEDs

Tech ID: 22060 / UC Case 2003-157-0

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A blue electroluminescent material based on a binaphtyl compound.


Semiconducting (conjugated) polymers, oligomers and small molecules have been studied as electroluminescent materials for use in light emitting displays since the early 1990s. Such emissive polymer displays offer a number of advantages, including high brightness at low operating voltage, low weight, thin profile and low power consumption over conventional display elements such as incandescent lamps and liquid crystal displays. Many of these materials have a high propensity for crystallization which can adversely affect thermal and mechanical properties of the polymers. Additionally, there has been a difficulty in obtaining high quality films by solution processing which has also hampered the development of the technology.



Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a novel material for the fabrication of organic electroluminescent devices. The blue electroluminescent material is based on a binaphtyl compound with a general formula that has good solubility in common organic solvents, resists crystallization, and can be sublimed in a device fabrication process. The material for the electroluminescent layer exhibits high photoluminescence efficiency, good film forming ability, and ideal thermal stability making it well suited for use in stable light emitting devices.



•    Resists crystallization

•    Good film forming ability

•    Favorable thermal stability

•    Good solubility in common organic solvents



•    LEDs

•    Electroluminescent materials

•    Blue Organic LEDs

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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,442,447 10/28/2008 2003-157


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