Novel Composite Semiconductor Substrate for Thin-Film Device Transfer

Tech ID: 21607 / UC Case 2008-550-0


Researchers at UCLA have developed a composite semiconductor substrate used for thin film device fabrication compatible with epitaxial processes requiring subsequent substrate transfer. Their technique has distinct advantages over current methods in use today and offers to save costs to manufacturers.


Current state-of-the-art electronic device processing trends are increasingly moving towards thin film devices, flexible electronics, and sophisticated three-dimensional integration schemes, all of which require device layers to be transferred from a growth substrate of one desired property (e.g., a desired lattice parameter) to an alternate substrate with other desired qualities (e.g., mechanical flexibility).


Researchers at UCLA have identified a high quality composite semiconductor substrate for epitaxial deposition of electronic device layers also capable of transferring device layers from the composite substrate to another substrate of choice. This technique offers to reduce costs associated with having to replace starting materials and it can also be extended to a variety of semiconductor material combinations to create transfer-ready semiconductor substrates. This transfer substrate and process will be useful for any thin film semiconductor device manufacturers.


  • Semiconductor and thin film device fabrication
  • Device substrate transfer
  • Low cost manufacturing of silicon based solar cells


  • Not limited by wafer crystallographic orientation
  • Not limited to Si homoepitaxy (can be used on other semiconductor materials)
  • Starting materials can be reused, saving upfront costs

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,624,357 01/07/2014 2008-550


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  • Goorsky, Mark S.

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