Graphene Nanomesh As A Continuous Semiconducting Thin Film For Large Scale Field Effect Transistors

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Researchers at UCLA have developed a new graphene nanostructure via standard semiconductor processing methods. The new device, Graphene Nanomesh (GNM), is the first highly uniform, continuous semiconducting thin film that opens the pathway to graphene based electronics, impacting broadly from highly integrated circuits to ultra sensitive biosensors and a new generation of spintronics.


Graphene has attracted considerable interest for next-generation electronics due to its promising electronic properties and nano-scale dimension. However, fabricating a graphene-based semiconducting film that can effectively amplify or switch electronic signals has posed many challenges. Recently, the formation of Graphene Nanoribbon (GNR) has shown sufficient semiconducting properties to enable transistor operation. However, the GNR devices often have limited driving current, which can severely limit the capability to design and fabricate devices that meet specific circuit requirements. Additionally, the process of creating dense arrays of GNRs, required for electronic devices, has not been achieved.


 Researchers at UCLA have employed standard lithography processing methods to fabricate a new graphene nanostructure, GNM, that forms a uniform, continuous semiconducting thin film. When used as the semiconducting channel of Field Effect Transistors (FET), the GNM-based devices deliver large current nearly 100 times greater than individual GNR devices. Additionally, the simple fabrication technique allows for great versatility in controlling the electronic properties. In conjunction with recent advances in the growth of graphene over a large-area substrate, the proposed method enables practical application of graphene for future electronics.


Graphene based semiconductors
  • Highly integrated circuits, Flexible electronics, Ultra sensitive biosensors, Spintronics


  • Standard semiconductor processing methods
  • Tunable electronic properties
  • Operable at room temperature

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9.012,882 04/21/2015 2010-474

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  • Duan, Xiangfeng

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