Water-Soluble ETL Polymers for LEDs

Tech ID: 21369 / UC Case 2004-579-0

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Compositions of conjugated polymers, applicable to many electronic fields.


Polymeric conductors have been incorporated into a wide variety of electronic and optical materials and devices. Solution processing is a simple, economical, and controllable approach to depositing layers of conjugated polymers. Traditional manufacturing methods typically involve only one solution processing step for depositing polymers. However, single-solution processing presents a difficulty in preparing multilayer materials, as most conjugated polymers are soluble in organic, nonpolar media. Multilayer devices offer optimal performance, but depositing multiple layers with similar solubility results in interfacial mixing which adversely affects the device’s reproducibility, structure, and efficiency.



Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a process to form conjugated polymers with desirable properties. This conjugated polymer technology has sufficient density of polar substituents allowing solubility in highly polar media such as water or methanol. Polymers with these solubility properties are ideal for preparing multi-layer devices. Polar soluble conjugated polymers can comprise monomers which favorably alter its conductivity properties, improving the polymer’s ability to transport electrons and match with other materials of interest in electronic devices.


•    Conjugated polymers with hole-blocking properties for better efficiency and lifetime of device

•    Prevents interfacial-mixing in devices

•    Improved ability of polymers transporting electrons

•    Soluble in polar media such as water and methanol


•    Multi-layer devices

•    Polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs)

•    Optoelectronic materials and devices


Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8.309,672 11/13/2012 2004-579


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