A vasectomy accessory device designed to reduce operative time and complications

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Vasectomy is the most commonly performed adult urologic procedure in the USA and is increasing carried out by non-urologist physicians. In the U.S. alone, vasectomies are performed on approximately 500,000 men per year. Worldwide, it is estimated that 35 million couples use vasectomy as a contraceptive. It is also one of the most litigated surgical procedures in the USA. Therefore, a device that facilitates this surgical procedure would help to: 1. Decrease operative time; 2. Facilitate the procedure, so as to decrease the risk of complications and failure rate.

Among both urologist and non-urologist physicians, one of the most challenging aspects of vasectomy is securing the vas deferens during dissection and ligation. The “slippery” nature of this anatomic structure within the scrotum facilitates its “slipping” from grasp throughout the procedure. Whenever grasp of the vas deferens is lost, the likelihood of surgical wound complications, and operative time, increases.

Furthermore, identification of the vas deferens can be challenging for some practitioners of vasectomy. Uncertainty as to whether the vas deferens has been secured and dissected increases the risk of iatrogenic injury to collateral anatomic structures and increased risk of litigation against the practitioner. 

Surgical devices that address these problems are described. These can be manufactured cheaply, as disposable or reusable devices. 


  • Secures vas deferens during dissection and ligation.
  • Increases identification of vas deferens for vasectomy procedure.
  • Limits increases in operative time and wound complications due to slippage of vas deferens during surgical procedure.
  • Can be manufactured cheaply, as disposable or reusable devices.

Status of IP

U.S and Worldwide patent rights remain available.


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  • Garcia, Maurice M.

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