Prism: Privacy Sensitive Messaging

Tech ID: 20862 / UC Case 2007-708-0

Brief Description

Instant Messaging or “IM” is increasingly used as a communication and awareness tool for work and entertainment. However, this instant awareness is inherently posing risks to one’s privacy. To address this conflict , researchers at UCI’s Department of Informatics have developed PRISM: a plugin that enhances support for privacy management in IM.

Full Description

"IM-ing” isn’t just for kids anymore. Instant messaging is now used not just in the home by teens but also in the workplace and marketplace in myriads of applications and uses. However the downside of enhanced awareness and ease of communication in IM can cause conflicts with the need for privacy. By providing functionalities that are lacking in current IM systems, UCI researchers have developed techniques to improve privacy while maintaining the convenience of IM access to information.

These techniques include detection of conflicts in the preferences of partners, interactive negotiation to resolve conflicts, ability to associate expiration dates to conversion archives and the ability to visualize collective IM activities to facilitate discovery of group practices and comparison with self activities.


Suggested uses

IM privacy


Conflicts are visible to user, allows users to resolve conflicts, enhanced flexibility over standard “privacy preferences” settings


Does not address audio/video conferencing

State Of Development

POC plug-in has been developed and is in use


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