Filtering Sources Of Unwanted Traffic

Tech ID: 20652 / UC Case 2008-811-0

Brief Description

A set of algorithms that given
(i) a blacklist containing the source IP addresses of unwanted traffic and
(ii) a constraint on the number of filters,
they construct a compact set of ranges of IP addresses that should be blocked using one filter per IP range, so as to optimize the tradeoff between the unwanted and legitimate traffic that is blocked.

Suggested uses

It can be used as the logic for formulating a compact set of filtering rules (ACLs) in the TCAM of routers that want to block unwanted traffic.


The algorithms are computationally efficient and thus feasible at high speeds; the optimality means that we achieve the best possible use of available filters in a TCAM.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,539,576 09/17/2013 2008-811


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  • Markopoulou, Athina

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