Diamonoid Stabilized Fine-Grained Metals

Tech ID: 20642 / UC Case 2007-171-0

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This invention relates to stabilized and strengthened metals and, more specifically, to metals stabilized and strengthened, especially at high temperatures, by the addition of diamondoid. Recent evidence has indicated that such nanocrystalline alloys may provide mechanical and electrical properties superior to those of their coarse-grained counterparts.

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A common method for strengthening metals without large decreases in ductility is to reduce the grain size of the metal. However, this strategy does not generally lead to improved strength at elevated temperatures because the grains grow larger by diffusion and grain boundary sliding can occur. This invention adds diamonoids to aluminum resulting in a marked grain size stability at elevated temperatures making it possible to retain the high strength of fine grained metals without sacrificing ductility.


Readily produced fine grained and nanocrysatilline metals and alloys of greater high temperature strength and stability.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,628,599 01/14/2014 2007-171


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  • Earthman, James C.

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metals, fine grained, high temperature, aluminum, aerospace, nano grain size

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