Antibodies Against Mouse Nuclear Proteins

Tech ID: 20380 / UC Case 2008-735-0


Researchers at UCLA have developed antibodies to the following mouse nuclear proteins:

Polyclonals: Helios; HP-1 alpha; HP-1 beta; HP-1 gamma; Mi-2 beta; NF-kB p50; NF-kB p52; Ikaros NTS; Aiolos CTS; C/EBP beta; Ets1; Aof2 (LSD1); Macro H2A1.2; EED; Smyd2; Smyd5; TFIID; Elf-1; TAF150

Monoclonals: Ikaros; Aiolos


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  • Smale, Stephen T.

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antibodies, mouse nuclear proteins, polyclonal, monoclonal

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