The Equalizer: DNA Array Analysis Software for Data Normalization

Tech ID: 19318 / UC Case 2001-814-0

Technology Description

The equalizer is a custom application that uses rank-order similarity in gene expression intensity to construct non-linear equalization vectors that are then used to linerize the data matrix to a consistent slope of 1. In addition, the equalizer rationally eliminates "negative" values of expression seen in Affymetrix data. Use of the equalizer greatly facilitates downstream data analysis.

This software has been used for Affymetrix chip analysis but has applications to other microarray systems as well. See also:

  • Robert O. Stuart, Kevin T. Bush, and Sanjay K. Nigam. 2001. Changes in Global Gene Expression Patterns During Development and Maturation of the Rat Kidney. PNAS. 98:5649-54).


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