Treatment For Circadian Performance Deficits By Upmodulation Of Central Glutamate Receptors

Tech ID: 18921 / UC Case 1999-136-0


Alertness and general physical and mental performance are impaired during normal sleep periods compared to those during normal waking periods. Unlike stimulants such as caffeine or methamphetamine, certain glutamatergic enhancer compounds have been shown to improve memory and performace in tests conducted during normal sleep periods for both rats and humans.

Technology Description

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, have tested certain compounds on rats that were subjected to maze tests during their normal sleep periods. The application of the drug caused a significant increase in the speed with which the animals completed the test.


These compounds have potential application in neurobiological research and in the biomedical field for helping individuals adjust their circadian rhythm.


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Glutamate receptors, sleep disorders, circadian rhythms

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