Improved Photodetection for Mobile Sensing Applications

Tech ID: 17860 / UC Case 2007-140-0


Photodetection, especially for fluorescence applications, requires various optics including lenses and filters. The optics surrounding the detection and illumination system are complex and can often weigh more than the photodetector and illumination sources. Therefore in order to make such photodetection equipment mobile, much of the optics needs to be integrated and micro-sized. However that causes various microfabrication problems -- especially in yields and throughput.

To address this situation, researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a new design for fluorescence detection subsystems. This new design integrates and miniaturizes the photodetection functionality and thereby makes it suitable for mobile application as well as efficient microfabrication.

Suggested uses

Photodetection functionality of mobile sensing applications.


  • Low weight
  • Small form factor
  • Readily microfabricated
  • Mobile characteristics


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  • Cauley, Thomas ("Trey") H.
  • Pisano, Albert P.

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