Radio Antenna With Improved Support System

Tech ID: 17515 / UC Case 2005-079-0


Radio antennas must maintain their paraboloid shape and directional positioning in order to work properly. However wind can load the antenna dish and cause it to lose its shape and position.

To address this situation, researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a support system that strengthens antenna dishes and provides several structural enhancements. The support system consists of reinforcements that enable firm radial and torsional support as well as an optimal amount of axial flexibility and support. This design allows for a large open area so that azimuth and elevation-bearing systems can be positioned near to the reflector vertex. This positioning enables lower loads and less structural requirements for the pedestal and drives.


Radio communications especially broadband astronomy
Commercial satellite dish technology


Increased radial and torsional stability
Improved axial flexibility and support
Decreased structural requirements for pedestal
Decreased positioning requirements for drive

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,330,160 02/12/2008 2005-079


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