Nonpolar (Al, B, In, Ga)N Quantum Well Design

Tech ID: 10277 / UC Case 2003-529-0

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A novel approach to designing high-performance nonpolar quantum wells.


Nitride-based optoelectronic devices currently utilize quantum well structures that are grown in polar directions. The polarization-induced electric fields that result from this growth orientation influence the structure's energy band profiles, which then effect its optical emission characteristics. The internal electric field tilts the energy band profiles and spatially separates the charge carriers, which reduces the oscillator strength of the electron-hole pair and ultimately reduces the recombination efficiency of the quantum well. Nonpolar nitride-based semiconductor crystals do not experience the effects of polarization-induced electric fields since the energy band profiles are flat. As a result, nonpolar quantum wells should exhibit improved recombination efficiency, as well as achieve more intense emission from thicker quantum wells.


Scientists at the University of California have developed a novel approach to designing high-performance nonpolar quantum wells. This technique can be used to grow higher-emission structures by increasing the quantum well width.


  • Increased quantum well width in order to optimize emission in nonpolar nitride-based devices.


  • LED fabrication


This technology is available for a non-exclusive license. See below for a selection of the patents and patent applications related to this invention. Please inquire for full patent portfolio status. 

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,893,236 02/13/2018 2003-529


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