Vertical Gate-Depleted Single Electron Transistors

Tech ID: 10257 / UC Case 2002-421-0


In current vertical gate-depleted single electron transistors, the mesa must be etched to the point just below the tunneling barrier. In addition, the gate Schottky contact must wrap the pillar containing the tunneling barriers. These requirements considerably complicate the processing of these devices.


Scientists at the University of California have developed a novel approach to fabricating these devices which greatly simplifies the process while allowing the gate to be split into multiple gates.

Suggested uses

ADVANTAGES: The new UC technology provides the following benefits:

  • Easier to interconnect than present devices;
  • Increased integration density and improved performance;
  • Allows for gate-splitting architectures;
  • Simplifies the fabrication process.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,547,932 06/16/2009 2002-421


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  • Baron, Filipp A.
  • Wang, Kang L.
  • Zhang, Yaohui

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