Fused Vertical Couplers

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Wafer fusion is a powerful technique for fabricating structures that cannot be realized by conventional epitaxial growth and processing. Wafer fusion provides an extra degree of freedom in the design and fabrication of 3-D photonic devices. Large switch arrays can be produced by displacing the input and output waveguides vertically in different planes. Compact high-extinction-ratio directional couplers are essential to the switching process.


Using wafer fusion, scientists at the University of California have fabricated a novel vertical-directional coupler with a very short coupling length (47 micrometers).


The vertical coupler provides multilevel capabilities of importance to the entire optoelectronics industry.


The new UC technology enables the development of compact and scalable 3-D directional couplers (by allowing vertical separation of input and output waveguides), and solves some of the problems in optical switching.

B. Liu, A. Shakouri, P. Abraham, B. Kim, A. W. Jackson, and J. E. Bowers, "Fused Vertical Couplers," Applied Physics Letters 72(21): 2637-2638 (1998).

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 6,385,376 05/07/2002 1998-080


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