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A New Signal Analysis Method For Angle Of Arrival Estimation, Tracking, Localization, And Head Counting With Rf Signals

A new framework that enables the estimation of the AoA of signal paths from signal sources (both active transmitters and passive objects), with only signal magnitude measurements.

Non-Volatile NAND Logic Device for Use in Digital Electronics

A novel type of non-volatile NAND logic device for use in signal processing, digital storage and computation.

Improved Performance Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser

Improved performance apertures and mirrors to decrease losses and increase functionality in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL).

Methods and Apparatus for Parallel Execution of a Process

Methods that define the operation of parallel computation for multiple-computer interaction and cloud computing.

High Performance Polymeric Material for Holographic Data Storage

A novel material applicable to holographic data storage. This technology features low fabrication costs and largely scalable production.

Loss Modulated Silicon Evanescent Lasers

Two novel alternative methods for modulating semiconductor lasers that enable much higher frequency modulation.

A Video Fingerprinting Method For Duplicate Detection

Copyright infringements and data piracy have become serious concerns for the ever growing online video repositories in recent years. The uploaded videos on commercial sites are mainly textually tagged. Tags are of little help in monitoring the content and preventing copy-right infringements. The watermarking approach and the fingerprinting approach have been used for detecting such infringements, however, there is still the need for fast algorithms for duplicate detection in large databases.

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