Tech ID Title
25311 Isolation Of A Gene That Regulates The Strength Of Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction
25299 Head tissue conductivity estimation from maximally independent brain EEG sources
25296 Depth Assisted Stereo Panorama Video Generation
25270 Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Model of Multiple Distinct Cell Populations
25259 Soft Tissue Gripping Device
25257 Multiple-Use Renewable Electrochemical Sensors Based on Direct Drawing of Enzymatic Inks
25256 Meta-analytic Methods for Defining Prescriptive Genetic Biomarkers of Multi-gene Diseases
25246 An Activity Based Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for Time Varying Systems and an Algorithm for Estimating its Parameters
25245 A System And Method For Functional Balance Test
25244 A Novel Dual-frequency Wireless Charger for Mobile Devices
25243 Ultra-thin Metamaterial "Carpet Cloak" Design
25241 A Super-strong Guard Cell Promoter (Case #2005-027)
25202 New Inhibitors of the HIV Protease
25197 A New 3D Video Coding Method
25186 High Fidelity, Self-Fitting Hearing Assistance Device And Method Thereof
25178 Cyclic Amp-Elevating Drugs As Adjuvants - 2014-084
25176 Finding the Balance: Modulating cAMP Levels to Treat Th2/Th17-mediated Immunopathologies - 2013-282
25184 SPHERMAR(TM): a 3D High Throughput Screening Platform for Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development
25183 Histone Transferase Inhibitors to Treat and Target Drug-resistant Cancer Stem Cells
25179 New Compositions to Treat Heparin Overdose
25173 Isolation of Hepatocytes with High Regenerative Capacity for Repair of Liver Injuries
25171 A Computationally Efficient Means of Modeling Cardiovascular Parameters in the Clinic
25169 PPAR-Delta Agonists For Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Disorders
25159 A Method For Predicting Glycosylation On Secreted Proteins
25158 A Cost Effective and Efficient Sound System Design for Personal and Multizone Soundfield Reproduction
25150 A Method for Automatic Segmentation and Quantitative Parameterization of a Tumor
25148 Novel TLR-4 Ligands as Immune Activators
25136 Entropy Spectrum Pathways (ESP) A Comprehensive Framework for the Understanding of Network Connectivity, Particularly fMRI
25131 Short Peptide Epitopes for nT(reg) Expansion Provides a Novel Therapy to Replace IVIG Therapy
25126 Polymer-Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Hybrid Materials
25125 Method to Synthesize Robust, Freestanding Metal-Organic Framework-Polymer Composite Membranes
25117 A Method to Modulate the Pathologic Multireceptor Signaling Via the GIV-Gi Axis in Diverse Diseases (2015-082)
25103 Functional 3D Microtissues Within a Microfluidic Perfusion Device
25102 Stem Cell Culture Delivery System
25078 Screening Platform for Anti-influenza Drugs
25099 Microfluidic Biosensor for the Protection of Water Supplies
25091 Metal Binders for Drug Discovery
25089 Methods And Utilizations For Tissue Staining And Digital Microscopy
25079 Method For Estimating The Need For Surgical Care (Or Any Other Health Care Intervention) In A Population
25066 Nanomotor Photolithography
25061 Engineered Bacteria for Release of Therapeutics
25055 Novel Concurrent Dual-Band Digital Predistortion Architecture
25045 Monolithic Integration Of Solar-Powered Wearable Electronics (2015-208)
25044 Monolithic Integration of Ultra-Scaled High Performance Pin-Size Wearable Electronics
25043 Piezoelectric Nanoparticle-Polymer Composite Foams
25040 A Method and Algorithm to Dynamically Learn Heterogeneous Preferences with Clustering Algorithms
25038 A Novel Diagnostic And Therapeutic Target Within The Wnt Pathway
25024 Flowmax: A Computational Lymphocyte Phenotyping Tool For Deriving Cell Biological Insights From CFSE Flow Cytometry Time Courses (2012-234)
25023 Novel Voltage Regulator IC For Efficient Battery Management in Portable Electronics
25022 Severe Weather Prediction Using Quantum Information Theory
25021 Tunable Bandpass Filter
25011 A Scalable Manufacturing Methodology for Advanced Flexible Electronics
25010 Novel Clinical Diagnostic for Dry-Eye-Syndrome
25008 3D Projection Printing of Concave Hydrogel Microstructures
24997 Low-Cost Chromatin Assembly Kit
24991 Assessment of Diverse Cancer Types: mAb Detection of Cell Surface Biomarker in Circulating Tumor Cells or Biopsy Tissue
24979 Erodible Polymer Particle Oral Vaccine Adjuvant
24976 Novel Agonists of Toll-like Receptors (TLRs) for Cancer Immunotherapy and Vaccination
24973 Novel Agonists of Toll-like Receptors (TLRs) for Infectious Disease and Vaccination
24963 A Method To Modulate The Pathologic Multireceptor Signaling Via The Giv-Gi Axis In Diverse Diseases / 2015-082
24962 A Method To Measure The Metastatic Potential And Chemoresistance Of Single Cancer Cells
24961 High Data-rate Bi-directional CMOS Power/Data Link For Implanted Medical Devices
24959 Spinal Subpial AAV-mediated Gene or Antisense Oligonucleotide Delivery System
24951 Biomarkers For Assessment Of Subtypes Of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
24935 Targeting Leukocyte And Epithelial Chrfam7a For Anti-Inflammatory Therapies
24921 Predicting Metabolic Side Effects Of Transported Drugs
24920 Novel Method For Inducing Interleukin 17D For Cancer Treatment
24916 Strategy to Treat Autoimmune Diseases
24865 TRP Antagonists for Treatment of Immune-Mediated Diseases
24864 Highly Sensitive Detection Of Biomolecules Using Proximity Induced Bioorthogonal Reactions
24855 Optical-Based Intraocular Pressure Sensor
24832 Novel Multivalent Bioassay Reagents
24827 Novel Optical Method To Measure Muscle Sarcomere Length
24807 An Adaptive Mobile Momentary Assessment System for Real-Time Assessment and Health Interventions
24806 An Adaptive Mobile Momentary Assessment System for Real-Time Assessment and Health Interventions
24804 A method for autocatalytic genome editing II
24770 Broadband Metacoaxial Nanoantenna for Metasurface and Sensing Applications
24769 Capacitive Passive Mixer Baseband Receiver With Broadband Harmonic Rejection
24768 Spherical Wave Decomposition of Volumetric Digital Imaging Data
24762 Methods of Disease Modeling
24761 An All Solid-State Wafer Bonding Method Of III-V Materials On Si CMOS Using Patterned Metal Structures
24462 Endothelin Receptor Type B Heterozygous Advantage In Hypoxic Environment
24749 Novel Mechanism Of Action For Diabetic Kidney Disease And For Novel Therapeutic
24737 Method To Predict Three-Dimensional Radiotherapy Dose Distribution
24732 A Method For Autocatalytic Genome Editing
24731 Efficient Techniques For Dehazing Methods
24708 Method For Delivery Of Drugs Across The Intact Tympanic Membrane
24703 A Vaccine-Like Treatment That Protects Honey Bees Against Nosema
24656 Method For Transmitting Multiple Waveforms In Wireless Communications
24654 Mouth-Based Amperometric Sensors and Biofuel Cells
24647 Photo-Assisted, High Efficiency Conversion Of Liquid Fuels To Electricity
24621 Modulation of in utero Immune Programming
24620 Controlling Stomatal Apertures, Water Transpiration and Water Use Efficiency in Plants
24556 Novel Method of Packaging Peptides to Ensure Bioactivity, Proteolytic Resistance, and Cellular Uptake
24545 Design of Enhanced Endosomal Escape Domains for Delivery of Macromolecules into Cells
24544 Methods For Modulating Expression Of C9orf72 Antisense Transcript
24537 Point and Shoot Virtual Photo "Lab" for Remote Quantitation and Analysis of 3D Surface
24521 Low Complexity Simultaneous Interference Decoding
24520 Novel Immunogenic Therapy for Prostate Cancer
24515 A Method to Assemble, Visualize, and Measure Protein Signaling Complexes in Living Cells
24512 A Method to Prognosticate and Predict Chemoresponse in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBCs)
24510 Novel Technique for Wideband Digital Predistortion of Power Amplifiers
24509 A Reconfigurable Mostly-Digital Delta-Sigma ADC with a Worst-Case FOM of 160 dB
24508 Microstructured Waveguide Illuminator
24444 Method and Device to Detect Protein-Ligand and Protein-Protein Interactions
24440 Semi-Automated Method for Rapidly Developing Prognostic Models Predicting Cancer Patient Survival
24498 A New Coding Technique for Interference Mitigation
24481 Software for the Identification of Cancer Biomarkers
24479 Novel Electrolytes via Compressed Gas Solvent
24478 Anti-Biofouling, Low-Impedance Neural Electrodes
24477 Regionally Activated Drug Delivery Nanoparticles
24469 Flexible Penetrating Cortical Multielectrode Array and Manufacturing Methods Thereof
24461 Combating Diseases of Multi-Receptor Etiology by High-throughput Structure-Guided Targeting of a Unique Hub within Multi-Receptor Signal Networks
24436 Mouse Model for Human Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Steatolic Hepatocellular Carcinoma
24431 A Biological Hallmark for Females with Major Psychiatric Disorders
24425 A Novel Peptide Therapy to Counteract Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
24421 Rapid Antigen Detection Test for the Diagnosis of Human Brucellosis
24418 3D Fabrication of Piezoelectric Polymer Composite Materials
24393 SolarStat (TM): Incubator System to Study Shade-Limited Algal Cultures in Fluctuating Light
24376 Novel Technology for Characterizing Nanoparticle Assemblages
24371 Method for Estimating Patient-Specific 3D Ventricular Activation Patterns
24304 Polyclonal Antibody to Catestatin
24387 Model-based System for Rapid Post-disaster Health Monitoring and Damage Detection of Civil Infrastructure
24382 3D Bioprinting via Dynamic Optical Projection and Applications Thereof
24369 Noise Reduction for DNA and Other Macromolecules Sequencing Using Oversampling and Cross-Correlations
24367 Polymerizing Nucleic Acids
19415 Structure Based Design of Anti-Parkinson’s Disease Compounds Targeting Synuclein Oligomerization
24331 Novel Method to Detect, Treat, and Monitor Acute and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
24303 RNA-based Ovarian Cancer Diagnostic
24289 Mobile Visual Performance Profiler (mVP2)
24285 Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Electrochemical Cells
24259 A Genomic Scale Artificial Micro RNA Library as a Tool to Investigate the Functionally Redundant Gene Space tn Arabidopsis Thaliana
24250 A Novel Antimicrobial Peptide Produced by Skin Commensal Bacteria
24249 A Method for Producing Guide RNA Molecules for CRISPR Genome Editing
24246 Method For Synthesizing 3-Substituted-6-Alkenyl-1,2,4,5-Tetrazines
24226 High throughput methods to directly measure PCSK9
24220 New Resins for Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy
24205 Diagnostic Biomarker and Selective Primers for Refractory Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
24185 Ultrafast Leds For Optical Wireless Communication
24162 Therapy For Treating Bleeding Disorders and Conditions
24158 An in vitro Live-Cell Artificial Vessel System to Test Endovascular/Intravascular Devices
24155 Novel nAChRs Modulators for Treating CNS Disorders: Discovery of AChBP Cooperative Ligands
24151 Novel Therapeutic Targets in Liver Fibrosis
24145 Titratable Embolization System
24144 CD33 Null Mice: Murine Model for Alzheimer's Disease
24129 Enhanced Light-Reflecting Materials
24127 Patient Specific Liver-On-A-Chip Model
24107 Patient-Specific Modeling Method for Predicting Outcomes of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
24106 Anti-Diabetic Therapeutic Modulating Gpr43 Activity
24104 Novel Gene Therapy Solution for Abnormal Fuel Metabolism and Diminished Contractile Function of the Diabetic Heart
24103 Method For Dynamic Intelligent Load Balancing
24096 Non-invasive Diagnosis Method for Detecting Low Abundance DNA in Mixed Samples
24090 A Method to Predict and Treat Liver Fibrosis and Other Fibrogenic Disorders
24082 Method For Superconducting Tunnel Junction Fabrication
24078 An Automatic and Improved MEG Method for Diagnosing and Monitoring of Neuronal and Psychiatric Disorders with a Novel Approach for Removing Correlated Noises
24077 Methods of Quantitation and Display of Impedance Data for Estimating Gastroenterology Tract Parameters
23983 A New Multi View Synthesis Algorithm with Spatial and Inter-View Consistency
23982 Spatio-Temporarily Consistent Video Disparity Estimation Algorithm
23980 Method and Composition for Efficient Screening Cancer Metastasis Therapeutics
23963 Delivery of Non-coding RNA for Therapeutics Using Primary B Lymphocytes
23953 Human Retinal Stem Cell Production
23948 Human Butyrylcholinesterase and Acetylcholinesterase Based Catalytic Bioscavengers of Organophosphates
23946 Potential Treatment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
23942 Single-Cell Genome Sequencing
23928 Combination Therapeutic Targeting Autophagy for Treating Cancer
23907 A New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target for Arrthythmogenic Heart Disease
23906 A Novel Drug Discovery System for Fat and Arrhythmogenic Disorders
23253 Novel Murine Model of Asthma Identifies Methods to Antagonize Th2 Response, Asthma and Allergic Disease
23247 Method To Attenuate Acute Brain Injury After Shock
23895 Radiation-Activated Release of Active Drug from Nontoxic Nanoparticle Prodrugs
23867 Biocompatible Polymeric Nanoparticles Responsive to Biologically Relevant Levels of Hydrogen Peroxide
23862 Methods And Apparatuses For Duplicating Genomic Dna With Contiguity Barcodes For De Novo Genome And Epigenome Sequencing
23828 Gene Therapy For Usher Syndrome Type 1B
23827 Generation of Packaging Cell Lines for Retroviral Vectors Pseudotyped with the Protein of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
23796 Novel Nootropic Compounds
23794 Hi-Frequency, Low Power Nanowire Nanoelectrochemical Field-Effect Transistors
23786 Natural Adjuvant to Accelerate Vaccine Potential and Develop Immune Responses
23769 High Resolution Anoscopy Documentation Diagram
23728 Targeting A Novel Choline Kinase For Rheumatoid Arthritis
23702 Diagnostic for Endometriosis and other Inflammatory Diseases
23648 Production of Malarial Surface Proteins in Algae for Use as Transmission Blocking Vaccine Candidates
23644 Personalized Protease fingerprinting for early cancer diagnosis
23642 Novel Nitroimidazole Antibiotics
23638 Method for Rapid In Vitro Single-Domain Antibody Production
23555 Methods for Detection and Elimination of Dormant Cancer Stem Cells (SD2012-080, 2012-081)
23589 Magnetic and Electrical Control of Magnetic Films
23587 DNA Double-Write/Double Binding Identity For Micro/Nano Lithography and Self-Assembly Nanofabrication
23584 Micro Algae Technologies - SD2013-203, SD2012-324, SD2012-284
23559 Therapeutic Target and Diagnostic for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
23543 Chemometric Identification Of Chemical Agents Via Electrochemical Methods Coupled With Classification Algorithms
23523 Dual Reflectance-Fluorescence Guided Surgical System
23519 Method of Neuronal Stem Cell Production
23516 Fast 3D Cytometry for Information in Tissue Engineering
23489 Novel Approach to Rendering Nucleic Acids Resistant to Nuclease Digestion that Maintains Sequence Selective Hybridization for Gene Therapy
23487 Diagnostic and Therapeutic for Treating Growth Factor Inhibitor Resistant Tumors
23462 DCRAM: A VLSI Circuit For Mixed Memory Storage And Polymorphic Logic Computing
23458 Compound for the Prevention Of Rosacea Inflammation
23446 Cyclic Amp-Incompetent Adenylyl Cyclase Gene Transfer For Heart Failure
23440 New Antibacterial Leads
23236 Anti-Biofouling Coatings
23435 Non-invasive, Easy to Use, Hand-held Therapy for chronic Nerve Pain
23427 Small Molecule Catestatin Mimics for Treating Hypertension
23415 Accurate Genome Sequencing Of Single Cells
23412 NIR-Induced Payload Release from Polymeric Carriers and Applications Thereof
23398 An Adaptive Beam-Steering I/Q Receiver Array
23396 A Noise Cancellation Scheme for Wearable Non-Contact Sensors for ECG, EEG and Other Biopotential Monitoring
23365 Therapeutic and Diagnostic Application of Epicatechin in the Treatment of Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Disorders
23339 Single Chain Antibody to Oxidized Phospholipids as Treatment and Prevention for Inflammation
23335 A Blood Test to Prognosticate Progression-Free and Overall Survival in Cancer Patients
23331 Encapsulation Method of Adenoviral Vectors in Liposomes
23329 Coating of Biological Entities with a Synthetic Layer and Their Triggered Release
23306 Treating Type 2 Diabetes by Targeting CAP Protein in the Macrophage
23294 Increasing Peroxisome Turnover
23288 Reversible Chemoenzymatic Protein Labeling
23285 Novel Biomarkers Of Portal Pressure In Cirrhosis
23268 Signal Amplification: New Methods and Devices
23255 Method To Preserve The Mucosal Barrier
23234 Self-cleaning Surfaces with Enhanced Light Transmission Properties
23230 Biomarkers For Psychosis
23227 Non-thermal Cycling for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
23225 Light Degradable Drug Delivery System For Effective Ocular Therapy
23223 Layout Optimization for Time-dependent Dielectric Breakdown Reliability in VLSI
23220 Eliminating Timing Information Flows in a Mix-trusted System-on-Chip
23201 Spark Erosion Apparatus for Nanoparticles
23222 Multi-level Information Security in Information Flow Tracking
23221 Biosensor Array of Radically Coupled "Biopixels"
23152 Synthetic Anticancer Polyketide Compounds
23151 New Method And System For Altering Body Mass Composition
23143 An Automated Digital Method for Analysis of Eyelid Position and Contour
23140 Small Molecule, TLR-4 Ligands as Immunomodulators
23139 Nanometer Scale High-Aspect-Ratio Trench Etching at Controllable Angles
23138 Biomarkers and Targets for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
23135 Fluorescent Probes for Molecular Imaging H2O2
23124 Method and Treatment of Treating Spinal Cord Spasticity
23123 Silicon Nanostructure Detector With Sub-Bandgap Infrared Response
23068 Computational Method for Predicting Biological Aging
23065 Personalizing Chemotherapy Using Network-based Stratification of Tumors
23040 New Antiviral Compounds
23032 Automated Scratch Detection System (Pruritis in Rodents)
23030 Beyond ARIES: A New Approach to Data Storage
23027 Solar Variability Model for PV Plant Design and Power Buffering
23024 Designer Glycopeptides for Cytotoxic T Cell-based Immunotherapy of Carcinomas
23011 A Genetically Engineered Biosensor to Visualize Osmotic Stress in Plants
22998 Casting Of Carbonaceous Materials In Porous Silicon Nanostructures
22978 Genetic Approach To Prevent Allogenic Rejection Of hESC-Derived Cells
22977 Advanced Resuscitation Training Program for Cardiac Arrest Patients
22976 Trans-Differentiation Of Fibroblasts Into Functional Neurons
22965 Novel Method to Detect and Monitor Infection and Inflammation in situ and in vivo
22960 Integrated Sense Devices
22955 MicroRNA Therapeutics for Augmenting Blood Vessel Growth
22953 Device to Characterize Gas Transport Properties Of Cell-Free Oxygen Carriers And Red Blood Cells
22951 Lipolysis with Fine Spatiotemporal Control
22950 Single Step Polymerization Of Covalently Bound Multilayer Matrices
22949 Edapt: Enzyme-Directed Assembly of Particle Theranostics
22947 Low Voltage Transistors
22938 A Method for Rapid Generation of Many Different Branched Epithelial Proto-Organs
22936 Novel Inactivated Virus Vaccine Against Herpesviruses
22923 Safer, Pulsation-Canceling Delivery System for Spinal Cord Injection
22922 ROR1 Monoclonal Antibody for Cancer Treatment
22917 Fiber Optic Force Sensing Transducer
22911 Method for Sensing and Classification of Molecules Using Porous Optical Films
22904 Envelope Amplifier for Wideband Applications with Fully Closed-Loop Control
22867 Autophagy, the GABA Shunt Pathway and HDAC Inhibitors
22900 Novel High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Method for Insulin Secreting Beta-Cell Modulation
22889 Research Images And Data From Adolescent Brain Imaging Project
22878 PolarList - Improved Error-Correction Coding Software Using Polar Codes (C++)
22877 Method And Apparatus For Error-Correction Coding Using Polar Codes
22866 Novel Therapy for Metabolic Diseases Involving Blocked Autophagic Pathways
22816 Synthetic Matrices for Self -Renewal and Expansion of Stem Cells
22814 Inflammation Induction and Tissue Repair
22813 Method Of Synthesizing Tetrazines
22747 Patient-derived, Murine Model of Prostate Cancer
22735 Screening Methods to Identify New Drugs for Atherosclerosis and Type II Diabetes
22731 Affinity Based Self-Assembly Systems And Devices For Photonic And Electronic Applications
22730 Mental Improvement Through Magnetic Stimulation
22727 In Vivo Gene Therapy For Heart Failure
22726 Phase II Biologic To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Diseases
22722 Novel N-benzylated triamines, as selective NMDA Receptor Channel Blocking as Neuroprotectants With Applications To Parkinson's Disease
22720 Peripheral Coupled Traveling Electro-Absorption Modulator
22719 A Novel Capillary Gun for Ballistic Delivery of Microscopic Particles into Tissue and Cultured Cells
22717 Method for Engineering Functional 3-Dimensional Kidney Tissue
22716 Proteins That Fluoresce At Infrared Wavelengths Or Singlet Oxygen Upon Illumination
22711 A Method Of Quanitiating Gtp And Gdp Bound To A G Protein And Uses Thereof
22710 Differential Dynamic Element Matching Analog-To-Digital Converter
22709 A Novel Genetic Method For Generating Gain-Of-Function Mutations
22708 Method And Device For Identifying Molecular Species
22706 Online Game For Collecting Music Annotations
22697 New Chemical Entities for Treatment of Down Syndrome and Related Phenotypes
22694 A Human Model for Studying and Treating Rett Syndrome and Other Autism Spectrum Disorders
22693 HIPPO Pathway Intersects Downstream of GPCR Signaling
22690 Biomarkers in Blood and Therapeutic Targets for Liver Disease
22685 Intra-Cavity Miniature Portable Visualization System For Surgery
22683 Thresholdless Nanoscale Coaxial Lasers
22680 Acoustically Triggered Nano/Microscale Propulsion Devices
22677 Method for Treating Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis
22676 Feedback Mechanism for High Power RF Power Amplifiers
22671 Computer Vision: Fact & Fiction
22670 SMAP: Software for Functional Site Characterization and Analysis
22668 Word-Spotting in Unconstrained Camera Images: Control-F for the Real World
22665 CE Software
22667 UCSD Sky Imager
22666 13-Spheres
22664 Advanced Linear-equation Solver for Fluid Mechanics and Fluids/Structure Interaction Modeling
22661 Efficient Intraliposomal Encapsulation of Cancer Drugs (Staurosporine and Related Compounds)
22653 A New Portable Device to Treat Stroke Victims 'In The Field'
22627 Compounds Reducing Teratoma Formation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell
22625 A Method and Software Significantly Improving the Accuracy Of Genome Assemblies: SEQuel
22623 A Portable Ambulatory Doppler Blood Flow Measurement System-Device
22613 Peptide Mimotopes to Oxidation Specific Epitopes
22611 Oxidative Biomarkers in Predicting Risk of Stroke and TIA
22608 Method for Fabricating Active Microfluidic Features Such as Valves and Pumps and Open-Source Platform for Fabrication and Operation of Microfluidic Devices
22605 Anti-tumor Properties of Particular Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for ROR-1
22601 An Organophosphate Poisoning Antidote Capable of Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier
22599 Software-defined Traffic Engineering for Data Center Networks
22588 Methods to Predict Efficacy of Cancer Stem Cell Targeted Therapy (SD2012-084)
22587 Tissue-To-End-Tidal Co2 Monitor
19541 Transducible Delivery of siRNAs by dsRNA Binding Domain Fusions to PDT/CPPs
22579 Bioreversible Phosphotriester Rnai-Inducing Molecules
22578 Method For Silico Modeling Of Gene Product Expression And Metabolism
22571 Generation Of Human Ips Cells By A Synthetic Self-Replicative Rna
22551 Use of Catestatin to Mobilize Fat from Adipose Tissue by Regulating Adrenergic and Leptin Signaling
22549 Biomarker to Enable Eradication of CML Stem Cells
22540 Therapeutic Approach Targeting Malignant Reprogramming in CML Stem Cells
22535 A Novel and Improved Method for Transplantation Procedures
22510 Marine Natural Product Yields Cancer Therapeutic (NCE)
22493 Unique Compound Inhibits Angiogenesis in Cancer and Eye Diseases
22466 Logical Structure Of Amino Acid Stimulons In Bacteria
22465 Synthetic Bone Grafts
22460 Polypeptide And DNA Immunization Against Coccidioides Spp. Infections
22453 Wearable Device for Non-Invasive Tactile Stimulation to Enhance User's Enjoyment of Multimedia and Interactive Entertainment
22451 Wearable Device for Non-Invasive Tactile Stimulation to Enhance Viewer's Enjoyment of Movie/Video
22450 Wearable Tactile Stimulation Device for Brain Imaging and Rehabilitating Neural Disorders
22449 An Automatic MEG Method for Diagnosing and Monitoring of Neuronal and Psychiatric Disorders Including Mild and Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury
22448 Gene for Promoting Parthenocarpy, Fertilization and Fruit Size
22446 Brain Extracellular Matrix Compositions and Methods
22431 Extracellular matrices and methods for treating peripheral artery disease (PAD)
22420 New Matrices for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
22411 A Superior Method for Designing Padlock Probes for Targeted Genomic Sequencing
22405 Aerated Contact Lens Made of Hard Materials
22396 Small molecular inhibitors of hedgehog protein signaling for treating or protecting against influenza infection
22392 Spectrally Selective Coatings for Concentrated Solar Power Systems
22391 Nanostructured High-Strength Permanent Magnets
22381 Targeted Amplification of Mammalian Genome Sequences Using a Novel Deep Sequencing Approach: High Resolution Analysis of Mammalian Transcriptomes Using Designed Primers
22380 Printed Biofuel Cells
22376 Novel Compositions for Cancer Therapy (Proteasomes Inhibitors)
22371 General Method for Identifying Antimicrobial Compounds and Determining Antibiotic Sensitivity
22359 Apoptosis Inhibitors
22354 A New Method for Depth Enhancement
22348 New HCV Inhibitors
22278 Automated Facial Action Coding System
22240 New Method for Training EEG-Based Brain Computer Interfaces
22237 A Powerful Signal Extraction Method to Improve the Clarity of Medical and Other Digital Images
22226 Fast, Iterative Image Reconstruction for CT, CBCT, DTS, PET, SPECT, and MRI
22223 Biomarker for Assessing Efficacy and Utility of Cancer Therapeutics (Integrin Antagonists and PAK Inhibitors)
22220 Quantitative Peptide Microarray Technology
22219 Novel Group A Streptococcal Vaccine and Therapeutics
22214 A Restriction Spectrum Imaging Method and Device for Probing Tissue Microstructure
22212 Methods of Using Porous Silicon Nano/Micro-Particles for Time-Gated Fluorescence Imaging
22211 Electric Field Assisted Biomolecule Transport, Capture, and Sensing in Carbonized, Porous Nanostructures
22204 Automated Maze for Behavioral Assessment of Working Memory in Rodents
22199 Alzheimer's Disease Cellular Model for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development Methods
22177 New Compound that Stimulates Immune Cells to Eliminate Cancers
22170 Compositions and Methods for Determining Cancer Stem Cell Self-Renewal Potential
22137 A Software for Top-Down Spectral Deconvolution and Protein Identification
22136 Preventing Breakdown of Tissues in Shock and Multi-Organ Failure
22041 Novel Oral Airway with Built-In Bite Block
19536 New Derivatives of Pyrone, Hydroxypyridinone, and Hydroxypyridinethione
22034 Methods and Systems for Decoding Polar Codes
22032 Wnt and Frizzled Receptors as Targets of Immunotherapy in Human Cancers
22018 Efficient Method of Mapping Sources of Abnormal Routes of Vascular Circulation Regardless of Their Location Using MRI
22017 A Novel Method to Increase the Perfusion Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) in Velocity Selective Arterial Spin Labeling for MRI
22001 High Throughput Protein 3D Structure Determination Employing Enhanced Amide Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (DXMS)
21991 New Method for Imaging Ventilation and Perfusion in the Lung Using MRI
21042 Tacky Dot® Technologies
21971 Porous Silicon Particles as Adjuvant to Modulate Immune Response and Deliver Antigens for Vaccination
21970 Optical Switching and Sorting of Biological Samples and Microparticles in a Micro-Fluidic Device
21963 Scanning Electron Micrograph of M. Mycoides JCVI-syn1: The First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell
21960 Magnetic Navigation System for Diagnosis, Biopsy, and Drug Delivery Vehicles
21954 Inorganically Surface Modified Polymers for Orthopaedic and Spinal Implants
21947 RNA Library from Drosophila Useful for Identification of Mammalian Signal Transduction Pathways
21946 cDNA
21942 JNK1 and JNK2 Deficient Mice
21941 MLC2V-Cre Mice
21933 Knockout Mice Deleting 2a Subunit of Sodium Channel
21931 New Mice: Crossbred JNK1 KO/JNK2 KO Mice
21928 IKKalpha +/- Mice
21905 Kit for Identification of Traces of High Explosives Using Thin Layer Chromatography
21904 DNA Zipper Based Devices
21900 Wirelessly Powered Microfluidic Devices
21898 Optical Space-Time Coding Technique in Microfluidic Devices
21897 Isolation of Target Biomolecules from Complex Samples Using Nano/Microscale Motors
21896 Highly Efficient Catalytic Microtube Engines
21892 Programming Stem Cell Fate Using Designed Regulatory Proteins Without Genetic Modification
21886 Novel Method for Accelerating Alimentary Tract Recovery in Post Abdominal Surgeries
21751 Diagnosis And Treatment Of Arthritis Using Epigenetics
21872 Personalized Treatment of Schizophrenia and Related Disorders with Selective Agonists and Antagonists of VPAC2R
21854 Prevention of Floral Petal Abscission in Transgenic Plants
21853 Floral Promoters
21852 Floral Manipulation by Overexpression of SEPALLATA Genes
21840 A Novel Method for the Early Detection of Gastric and Pancreatic Cancer
19266 Method for Identifying Drug Targets Using Sequence Data
21825 Method to Improve Random Number Generators
21817 A Novel Interconnect Scheme for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Stacks
21796 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase-Like Orphan Receptor 1 (ROR1) Single Chain FV Antibody Fragment Conjugates and Methods of Use
21791 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Particles with Decreased Cavitation Threshold: Payload Released by Focused Ultrasound
21783 Novel Parametric Light Generator and Monochromator
21777 Mesothelin as a Diagnostic & Therapeutic Target in Liver Fibrosis
21775 Transgenic Mice for Testing and Screening Anti-Fibrotic Therapy
21771 Polymeric Nano-Carriers with a Linear Dual Response Mechanism to Detect Disease
20002 New Audio Analysis Method with Application for Synthesis, Editing, and Compression
21761 Junctionless Semiconductor Light Emitting Diodes and Lasers
21758 Microstructured Biomaterials with a Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio
21653 A Novel Anti-Cancer/Anti-Proliferation and Anti-Migration Compound—An Inhibitor to Dual Specificity Phosphatase Slingshot-2
21592 An Implantable Cortical Linear-Array Electrode for Improving the Signal Quality of Isolated Neurons in the Cortical Tissue Layers of Primates
21590 Biomarker for Efficacy of Allosteric RAF Inhibitors
21588 New Methods for Write-Once Memory, Other Memory Devices, and General Error-Correcting Codes
21587 New Methods for Write-Once Memory, Other Memory Devices, and General Error-Correcting Codes
21570 Portable Hand-Held Alveolar Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Meter
21479 Solar Energy Forecasting in Cloudy Locales
21473 An Interactive Game for Teaching Plate Tectonics
21471 Optical Borehole Seismometers
21451 Small Molecule Screening Assay
21449 An Enhanced Powerful Method for Signal Processing in Medical Imaging (MEG, MRI, etc.) and Other Scientific and Engineering Applications (SD2011-252)
21448 A Novel and Powerful Method for Signal Processing in Medical Imaging (MEG, MRI, etc.) and Other Scientific and Engineering Applications
21447 Automated System for High Throughput Screening in Rodents
21446 Neuronal Specific Targeting of Caveolin Expression
21443 A Potent Peptide Adjuvant for Vaccines and Immunotherapies
21439 Firmocidin, A New Small-Molecule Antibiotic to Treat MRSA, Staph, and Streptococcus Infections
21420 Telephoto Contact Lens: Wearable Binoculars
21072 New Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source
21417 Method of Increasing Efficacy of Tumor-Cell Killing Using Combinations of Anti-Neoplastic Agent
21416 Oligosaccharide to Prevent Necrotizing Enterocolitis
21401 Novel Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) Method with 30 Percent Reduction in Scan Time for Measuring Blood Perfusion and Transit Delay
21398 An Efficient MR Method for the Mapping and Measuring of Venous Oxygenation Using VSEAN
21395 Efficient Excitation of Magnetization for Compressed Sensing MRI
21372 Anti-inflammatory NCEs for Acne and Inflammatory Skin Disorders
21363 Reduced Latency Data Access in Hard-drives, Solid-State Arrays, and Networked Storage Devices
21354 A Novel Method for Determining Global Horizontal Irradiance for Solar Power System Forecasting and Management
21205 Oxytocin for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
21345 Plasmonic Dark Field Microscopy
21336 Salinosporamide A: A Superior Proteasome Inhibitor
21325 A Mathematical Model of Ventilation and Perfusion
21308 The OptiPortable Display: Optimized for Shipping and Quick Set-Up
21302 Pro-Drug Conjugates Able to Deliver Precise Ratios of Active Drugs
21291 Heads-Up Virtual Reality Device
21266 Ternary Interfaces for Direct and Sensitive Electronic Detection of Nucleic Acids in Complex Samples
21265 High Resolution, Diagnostic Imaging of Fat Composition and Regional Location
21251 Focusing Light into Deep Subwavelength by a Phase Compensation Metalens
21247 Non-Invasive, Sensitive Diagnostic for Viral Myocarditis
21244 Enhanced Capacitance in Carbon-Nanotube Based Electrode Systems for Supercapacitors
21243 Fuel-Free Nanowire Motors
21240 Nano-Wire Based Retinal Implants
21231 Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing Electrode
21224 A Marker and Therapeutic Target for the PI3K Pathway
21202 Newborn Heart Rate Monitoring Device
21165 Novel Nanowire Array for High Efficiency Light Emitting Diodes and Lasers
20625 Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing Electrode
20624 Tissue Oxygen Distribution by Pulse Oximetry
20020 Novel Motion Estimation Technique
21181 Transport Molecules from Dendritic Oligo-Guanidines
21171 Spatialized, Localized, and Binaural Virtual Surround Sound
21169 ObjectRank: Ranked Keyword Searching of Databases
21166 Superior Software for Designing Oligonucleotide Probe Pool: PP-Designer v2.0
21163 Narrowly Filtered On-Off Keying Modulation in Communication Links
21158 STI-bounded Single-photon Detector in a Deep-submicron CMOS Process
21157 All Optical Inverter, Logic and Memory Circuits based on Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifier-like Devices
21156 Ultra-High Sensitivity Photodetector for Image Sensors
21155 Frequency Up-conversion via Hot Carrier Luminescence
21149 Novel Gamma-Secretase Modulators for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders
21138 Exciton Optoelectronic Transistor
21137 Optimization of EUV Lithography Light-Source from Laser-Produced Plasma
21136 Carbon Nanotube Based Nonvolatile Memory
21134 Surfliner: Speed of Light On-Chip Signaling
21133 Method of Transferring a Ultra-Thin Layer of Crystalline Material with High Crystalline Quality
21132 A Novel Approach to Reducing Thermal Skew Across High Speed Circuits
21108 A Methodology for the Design of High-Performance Communication Architectures for System-On-Chips Using Communication Architecture Tuners
21105 Improved Materials for Lightweight Armor
21104 Accurate Patterning of Hydrophobic Materials: Assembly of Organic and Inorganic Components on a Substrate
21103 Wear and Corrosion Resistant Layer for Metal Alloys
21098 Transfer Sounding Oceanographic Langrangian Observer II
21071 Periodic Electrodynamic Focusing Lens for Nanoparticles and Ions < 10 nm
21068 Smart Antenna System for 802.11A Applications
21030 Dynamically Adaptive Conserver for COPD Patients on 02 Therapy
21026 Detecting Gene Expression with Ultrasound
21019 A Systems Biology Approach for Identifying Drug Targets
21018 Infinite Input Impedance Biopotential Amplifier
21015 High-Electrical-Conductivity Nanocomposite Material for High Power Microwave Systems
21003 Photodetackafiable Film for Dry-Screen Phosphor Display Manufacture
20990 Marine Natural Products
20978 MRI Imaging Based on Quantitative Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging of Short T2 Tissues
20975 Biodegradable Luminescent Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for In Vivo Applications
20973 Suppression of Flowering in Transgenic Plants Directed by Promoters of MADS-Box Floral Organ Genes AGL2, AGL4, and AGL9
20955 Self-Adjuvanting Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic, and Tumor Vaccines
20952 Smart Materials Capable of Programmed Shape Change
20951 Technologies for the Treatment of Viral Infections, Including Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
20942 Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, and Antimicrobial Peptides and Antimicrobial Peptide Enhancing Factor
20941 Prognostic and Diagnostic Serum Biomarker for Cancer and Inflammatory Disease
20940 Prognostic and Diagnostic Serum Biomarker for Cancer and Inflammatory Disease
20932 Beta-Arrestin Biased GPCR Agonists for Inflammation and Metabolic Disease
20928 “Lab on Chip” Device System with a Magnetic Clamp for Sealing Microfluidic Chips Against Wet Surfaces
20911 The MEME Suite: Motif-Based Sequence Analysis Tools
20878 A Novel High-Efficiency Algorithm for Optimizing Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
20873 New Drug Treatment for Large B-Cell Lymphomas or Other Hematopoietic Malignancies
20864 Devices and Methods to Improve Efficiency and Minimize Repetitive Motion Injuries
20849 Fluorescent Amyloid Binding Agents for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
20836 Phosphonates with Reduced Toxicity for Treatment of Viral Diseases
20005 Binary Digit Multiplication and Applications
20646 Carbon Nanotubes and Nanocomposites for Fuel Cells, Methods for Fabrication and Fuel Cell Using the Same
20711 Real-time Power Amplifier Distortion Compensation
19440 MitoNEET: A New Approach for Designing Diabetes Drugs
19635 In Vitro Diagnostic Tests for Predicting New Cardiovascular Events
19657 Novel Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders
19785 Scalable, Inexpensive Method to Make Hollow Nanoparticles for Life Science Applications
19803 A New Approach to Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
19813 Novel Biosensor for the Diagnosis of Cervical and Other Cancers
20827 T7 Transcription Enhancing Sequence (TEnBOX), Which Overexpresses Gene Products
20825 Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Based Gene Targeting in Human ES Cells
20791 Cryopreservation of Human Adult and Fetal Pancreatic Cells and Human Platelets
20783 New Early Diagnostic Test for Autism
20774 On-Demand Remote Control of Nanomotor Movement
20773 Enzyme-Logic Biosensing for Rapid Diagnostics
20772 Nanomotor Based Fabrication and Patterning of Defined Nanostructures
20758 A Cartilage Compression Device for the Early Detection of Osteoarthritis
20741 Optimal Link Scheduling and Power Control for CDMA Wireless Multi-hop Networks
20739 New Global Motion Algorithm
20733 A Customizable Input Interface for Wireless, Mobile devices
20715 Proteins that Efficiently Generate Singlet Oxygen Background
20709 Transceiver for Low Signal-To-Noise Ratio Packet-Based Communication Channels
20704 Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoworms for In Vivo Tumor Targeting
20690 Simple Mesh Network Client Mobility And Reachability
20685 Cell-Phone Based Wireless and Mobile Brain-Machine Interface
20678 New OFDM Receiver for Wireless Ad Hoc Network and UWB Systems
20668 A Novel Multi-Stage Motion Vector Processing and Application in Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation
20658 Nonlinearity Robust Successive Requantizer
20634 Self-Cleaning, Superhydrophobic Coatings with Improved Properties, Methods for Fabrication, and Applications Thereof
20633 Direct Patterning of Silicon by Photoelectrochemical Etching
20631 Explosive Nanocrystalline Porous Silicon Device
19596 New Activity of HSP90 Inhibitors Inducing Down Regulation of ZAP-70 and Inducing Apoptosis in Leukemia Cells
19548 Methods for Treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) by Regulating Cell Survival
20622 Improved Fluorescent Molecular Rotors for Viscosity Measurements in Small Volumes
20616 Genome-Wide Gene Expression Profiling, Alternative Splicing Monitoring, and Genotyping with Direct Template Annealing Oligo-Ligation
20615 Gene Signature-Based Chemical Screening
20611 Novel and Efficient Multi-Phase Arterial Spin Labeling Method for MRI and fMRI
20604 Calorie Pacer
20603 New Surface for Accelerated Cartilage Cell Growth
20600 Thin-Film Optical Sensor for Gas and Liquid Detection
20597 A New Method for Automatic, Real-Time Face Detection and Expression Recognition
20594 Autonomous Underwater Accoustic Arrays
20593 Undersea Hydrocarbon Detection
20588 Dry Adhesion and Patterning of Nanomaterials on Tacky Photopolymer
20586 Aircraft Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
20585 Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy Based Optical Sensing
20583 Sensitive Chemical Sensor To Detect A Broad Range Of Nitrogen-Based Explosives
20582 Ultra-sensitive and Ultra-stable Chemical Sensor Based on Ultra-thin Organic Thin-Film Transistors
20578 Non-Contact Biopotential Sensor
20567 Nanostructured Electron-Injection Materials and Electroluminescence Method and Device
20563 Compositions and Methods to Enhance the Immune Response
20562 Video Walkie-Talkie
20553 A New Bacterial Metastructure and Methods of Use
20550 GUSTO: General Architecture Design Utility and Synthesis Tool for Optimization
19597 Optical Detection of Suspended Micro-Objects Using Array Waveguides
20549 A Digitally Controlled High-Frequency, Low-Power, Pulse Width Modulator for Wireless Communications
20049 Bipartite Matching
20047 Digital Tickets
20046 Information Retrieval System and Method with Format Conversion System and Method
20044 System and Methods for Knowledge-Guided Information Integration
20041 Residential Broadband Access
20035 Assay for Small Molecules and Defined Factors to Trigger Renewal of Cardiac Progenitors
20029 Digital Tele-Viewer
20017 The Algebron Method of Modeling Complex Systems
20012 A Zero Turn-On Voltage Rectifier for Efficient Wireless Power Supplies and Energy Harvesting
20011 A Low Cost and Low Powered Integrated Cell-Sorting Module
20007 Near Optimal Detector For The 2-Dimensional ISI Channel
20000 New Spatial Processing Algorithm for Sound Generation
19999 A Method for Data Integration Across Heterogeneous Data Sources
19993 Scalable Commodity Data Center Network Architecture
19992 Reducing Cabling Complexity in Large Networks
19991 Personalized Facial Attractiveness Predictor
19978 A Method to Generate Novel Bioactive Molecules
19981 A MRI Arterial Spin Labeling Software for Quantification of Regional and Complete Pulmonary Blood Flow
19977 Improved Perfusion Imaging Using MRI With Velocity-Selective Arterial Spin Labeling Without Spatial Selectivity
19971 Method and System for Selecting Documents by Measuring Document Quality
19964 Selective Phospholipase A2 Inhibitors of Neurological Diseases
19960 Aggressive Code Parallelization and Optimization for High-level Synthesis of Digital Circuits (Related to SD2004-824)
19954 Defined and Xeno-free Media for Feeder Free Conditions for Maintenance of Human Induced Pluripotent Cells (iPSCs) and Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs)
19955 Pancreastatin, A Novel Peptide Regulator of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism
19951 Aggressive Code Parallelization and Optimization for High-level Synthesis of Digital Circuits (Related to SD2004-135)
19949 Nitrate-Responsive Synthetic Promoter Produces Nitrate-Regulated Gene Expression in Plants
19950 Next Generation Traveler Information System
19947 Method to Enhance Retention of Learned Material
19922 Optical Fiber-Mounted Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals for Remote Sensing of Environmental Toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds
19946 Genetic Testing for Joubert Syndrome in the Jewish Population
19944 Stimulus-Triggered Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
19941 Rapid Map Learning
19939 Method for Identification of Peptides and Post-Translational Modifications
19937 Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) Spectroscopic Imaging of Tissues with Short Transverse Relaxation Time (T2)
19932 P-Type Zinc Oxide Nanowires
19931 Cladding Modulated Bragg-Gratings in Silicon Waveguides
19930 Multiple Quantum Wells for Optical Spectral Concentrator and Optical Energy Transport
19929 A mm-Wave Cascaded Traveling Wave Amplifier Topology for Imaging and Communication Applications
19927 Long Baseline Acoustic Navigation Of Deeptowed And Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
19924 Method to Fabricate Composite Photonic Crystals of Porous Silicon and Polymers with Highly Regular Particle Dimensions
19921 Method for Automating the Measurement and Creation Of Duplicate Keys Using Photographs
19916 Magnetic Porous Silicon Photonic Crystal
19914 A Dynamic Bouncing Robot for Fast Locomotion Over Difficult Terrain
19913 A New Single Particle Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization Mass Spectrometer
19911 Hyperecho Diffusion-Weighted Magentic Resonance Imaging
19561 Determination of Protein Size
19765 Prevention of Pathogen-induced Macrophage Apoptosis
19781 Anticancer Agents - Novel Spirohexenolides
19900 IceCube: A Totally Self-Contained Multi-Directional Robotic Sphere
19899 Methods For Layout Decomposition For Double Patterning Lithography
19897 A New Supply-Modulated RF Power Amplifier With Reduced Bandwidth Power Supply Waveform
19890 3-D Composite Metallodielectric Nanoresonant Array Fabrication With Enhanced Sensing Abilities
19891 Mouse Models of Cryophrin Associated Periodic Syndromes
19882 Analogs of the Cytotoxic Natural Product Mycolactone
19880 Improved “One and Two Yeast Hybrid” Systems for Individually Arrayed Libraries
19878 High Glucose Uptake E. Coli Strain
19876 Distributed Large-Scale Linear Programming
19875 Oxygen Independent E. Coli
19849 LysM-Cre/IKKBeta Flox Mice (Cre)
19839 A Web-Based Insulin Infusion Calculator (IIC)
19838 Monoclonal Antibodies to Rat NA+/K+ PUMP (ATPase)
19836 Monoclonal Antibodies to Anti-Rat Alcohol Dehydrogenase
19834 Polyclonal Sera to Deformed Homeobox Proteins
19833 Monoclonal Antibodies to PP2A
19832 Stat1 Polyclonal Antibodies
19831 Polyclonal Antibodies to IRF3
19827 Reagents to Block Cell Division
19826 Polyclonal Antibodies to Drosophila Chromatin Assembly Factors Asf1 and p55 Subunit of CAF-1
19823 A New Method To Accelerate Tissue and Wound Healing Rates and Reduce Swelling and Scar Formation
19820 A Zebrafish Model Of Atherosclerosis
19815 Chemically Amplified Response Strategies for Medical Sciences
19811 Novel Cancer and Inflammation Detection Using Medical Imaging
19810 Detection and Validation of Biomarkers for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
19809 Digital Analysis of Gene Expression
19808 Microfluidic Flow Cytometry
19807 Annular Laser Trap for Cell Sorting and Behavior Analysis
19806 Fast Correction of Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field Distortion in MRI
19805 Non-Invasive Mapping of Perfusion Territories Using MRI
19804 Microarray for High Throughput Detection of Enzymatic Activity
19801 Clinical Immunoassays to Determine Concentration of Monoclonal Antibodies
19798 A Superior Software Solution for Functional MEG (Magnetoencephalography) Brain Imaging
19795 Enhancement of Gene Transfer Using a Viral Protein Preparation
19792 A Macromolecular Carrier for Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
19789 Optimizing Expression of Recombinant Protein in Mammalian Cells
19787 Method for Manipulating and Heating of Discrete Droplets Using Magnetic Particles Derived from Porous Silicon
19784 Novel, On-Off Switchable, Drug Delivery Vehicles, FabricationTechniques and Applications Thereof
19779 A Method to Inhibit I-Kappa-Beta Kinase, and Screen for Drugs to Target Same
19776 A Method for Inhibiting B Cell Maturation and Antibody Production
19772 Dominant-Negative Kinase Adenoviral Construct for Arthritis
19768 Floxed IKKB Mice
19767 Reporters for the "Alternative" NF-kB Pathway
19766 IKK Alpha (AA) Mice
19764 Prevention of Pathogen-induced Macrophage Apoptosis
19753 Splicing Graph Genome Assembler Software Modules
19744 Prevention and Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Infection Through Immunization with Novel CMV-derived Peptides
19743 Combination Therapy of Immunomodulatory Peptides and a Chloroquine Derivative to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Disorders
19742 Small Molecule Inhibitors of Alpha-4-Integrin-Paxillin Interaction
19736 Dendrimer Modified Oligonucleotides for High Yield Singly Modified Nanoparticle Probes
19735 High-Throughput Functional Evaluation of Mouse Phenotype
19733 Clinical Use of Ultrashort TE Pulse Sequences in MRI
19732 Combinatorial Transcription Control
19726 Improved Fluorescent Molecular Rotors for Viscosity Measurements in Small Volumes
19721 New Medical Coding/Billing Tools for Physicians and Coders
19717 Automated Nociception Analyzer/Flinch Monitor
19713 Lead Compounds for the Development of Antimicrobials
19712 Use of MshC for Development of Tuberculosis Drugs and Vaccines
19710 Novel Bio-Sensor Platform Based on Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Chip
19709 Arrays for Functional Genomics/High Throughput Phenotyping
19704 A Modulated Dielectrophoretic System for Ex-Vivo Diagnostics, Drug Monitoring, and Disease Management
19695 Methods to Preserve Distinctive Characteristics of Engineered Articular Cartilage
19692 Methods of Tissue Repair, Regeneration, and Tissue Engineered Compositions
19690 Rapid Detection of Explosives
19687 New Derivatives of Phosphonate Compounds with Enhanced Anti-viral Activity
19684 Derivatives of Novel Nucleoside Phosphonates with Anti-viral Activity
19681 Vaccination Platform for Persistent Viruses
19678 Treatment of Liver Fibrosis by Induction of Stellate Cell Apoptosis
19675 Novel, Validated Target for Type II Diabetes Drug Inhibitors
19674 Methods of Treating Gastrointestinal Inflammation
19673 Treatment for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
19672 DNA:GST-AtNOS1 Plasmid
19669 Method of Using Cell-Surface Proteins to Detect and Image Islet Beta Cells
19663 Broad Spectrum Natural Protein Antibiotic
19662 Slow Release Drug Conjugates for Local Eye Therapy for Diseases
19653 Novel Recombinant Adenovirus Vectors for Tissue-Specific Gene Expression in Heart
19648 Novel Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Associated with Hypertension
19647 Use of Calcium Binding Proteins to Improve Cardiac Contractile Function
19646 Method for Generating a Progenitor Population from Postnatal Hearts
19643 A Novel Index of Assessing Atherosclerosis Regression and Plaque Stabilization
19642 Enhanced Expression of TRP Channels in Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (IPAH)
19637 A Novel Nitric-Oxide Releasing Drug
19171 Method For Preparation Of Micellar Hybrid Nanoparticles For Combined Therapeutic And Diagnostic Medical Applications
19628 Diagnostic Test for Cancer Susceptibility
19620 Ex Vivo Preparation of Kidney Tissue
19619 Treatment of Cancer by Inducing Cell Apoptosis
19617 A Novel Method to Detect and Inhibit Angiogenesis
19614 Novel Methods for Increasing Peripheral Blood Circulation Using PEG-dextran and Other Viscosity Increasing Agents
19607 Novel Method to Inhibit Tumor Growth & Other Neovascular Diseases
19604 Novel Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors
19601 Treatment for Type II Diabetes and Cancer by Regulating Glucose Transporter Levels
19600 Tbx Genes Regulate Cell Cycle Partially Through Control of N-Myc Transcription
19595 Method for Generating Unlimited Numbers of Macrophage/Dendritic Cells and Neutrophils
19594 Self-Assembling 2D and 3D Nanostructures for Nano-Photonic and Nano-Electronic IC's and Devices
19593 Porous Photonic Crystals for Intraocular Drug Delivery
19584 Nanostructured Casting of Organic and Biopolymers in Porous Silicon Templates
19578 “Smart Dust,” or Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals
19576 Biological Applications of "Smart Dust," or Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals
19568 Self-Assembling, Self-Orienting Photonic Crystals of Porous Silicon
19563 Complex Optical Encoding of Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals
19558 Biosensor for Nerve Agents and Pesticides
19557 Optically Encoded Nanoparticles
19556 Device for Detection of Organic Compounds, Ions, and Other Molecular Species by Optical Interference in a Porous Silicon Layer
19549 Treatment and Diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), Breast Cancer, and Other Cancers through Use of a Monoclonal Antibody
19546 Novel Markers for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Chronic Lumphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
19544 Natural Products for Cancer Therapeutics
19542 A Novel Method to Inhibit Lymphangiogenesis and Tumor Metastasis
19537 A High Throughput Assay to Identify Drug Candidates Targeting Protein Kinase A in Non-ATP Binding Sites
19534 Isolated PTPMT1 Protein Which Mediates Insulin Production
19530 Methods to Inhibit the Emergence of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
19483 Monoclonal Antibodies Immunoreactive with Lipolysaccharide Binding Protein (LBP) and Methods of Their Use
19517 Method to Predict Treatment Response in Generalized Social Phobia
19515 Lead Compounds for Diagnosis and Therapy of Alzheimer's Disease
19513 Medical Devices and Medical Diagnostics and Medical Diseases/ CNS
19509 Use of Neurotrophic Factors in Treating Memory Loss and Neurodegenerative Disease
19508 Novel Therapeutic for Neuropathic Pain Using Erythropoietin
19506 Gene Targets for Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders
19503 Chemical Sensing by RIFTS-Reflective Interferometric Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy: A Robust, Self-Compensating Method for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecules
19502 Lectin Type Fold as a Scaffold for Massive Sequence Variation
19499 Regulatable Retrovirus System for Genetic Modification of Cells
19476 A New Anticoagulant
19494 New Drug Derivatives for Promoting Oral Delivery to the Lung
19492 Treatment for Smoke Inhalation and Cyanide Poisoning
19491 New Treatment for Sepsis
19488 Gene Therapy For Usher Syndrome Type 1B
19482 Therapy for Septic Shock
19481 Multipotent Amniotic Fetal Stem Cells: A Novel Source of Human Stem Cells
19475 Disease Treatments Using Multimeric TNFSF Ligands
19464 Genome-Scale Reconstruction Of Human Metabolism
19459 Genome-Scale Kinetic Models
19457 High-Level Expression Of Proteins From A Stably Segregating B. subtilis Plasmid
19456 Chromatography for Diet and/or Nutrition/Chemical Control
19453 Mitigating The Lethal Coagulopathy Of Sepsis
19452 RNA ‘Friendly’ Ligands with Antiviral Activity for the Treatment of Hepatitis C
19438 Improved Means to Treat Intestinal Nematode Diseases of Animals and Prevent Drug Resistance
19435 pH-"Tunable" Nano-Particle Drug Delivery System
19434 Therapeutic Modulation of Ocular Surface Boundary Lubrication
19429 Protein Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
19428 A Method to Diagnose the Risk for and Prevent Breast Inflammation and Breast Cancer
19417 Vaccines Against Acne and Acne-Associated Diseases
19411 Transplantation of Human Neural Cells for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Conditions
19410 Amide Inhibitors of Human Secreted Phospholipase A2
19401 Method for Increasing Fruiting Body Size and Controlling Seed Release in Commercially Important Plants
19399 Transgenic Plants Having Improved Pod Shattering and Controlled Seed Release Properties
19398 Method for Improving Cuphea Oil Seed Production by Eliminating Premature Pod Shattering
19265 HESA: Hepatic Encephalopathy Screening Algorithm
19383 Bilayer Processing for an Enhanced Organic-Electrode Contact in Ultrathin Bottom Contact Organic Transistors
19324 Quality of Well-Being Scale, Extended #1 (QWBX1) Scores for U.S. National Health Interview Survey Public Use Data
19343 Control Premature Seed-Pod Breakage in Crop Species
19382 High-Speed Plasmonic Structured Illumination Microscopy
19379 Semiconductor Nanowire Devices for Photovoltaic, Photodetection, and Photoelectrochemical Applications
19374 Selective Control of Lignin Biosynthesis in Transgenic Plants
19373 Improved Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Toxic Metals Using Transgenic Plants Overexpressing Phytochelatan Synthetase
19371 Improved Pod Shattering and Controlled Seed Release Properties
19370 Method for Rational Induction of Drought Resistance in Plants
19214 Iron Nutrient Particles to Seed Algae (Phytoplankton) Growth
19351 Plant Dehiscence Zone-Specific Promoter and Methods of Using Same
19347 Use of AGLI I Gene to Suppress Seed Pod Shatter in Commercially Important Plants
19321 GeoPlot Web Visualization Tool
19322 Family Pairwise Search v1.0 Software
19323 Benchmarks for Java (Version 1.1)
19339 Plant CO2 Sensors that Bind CO2 and Regulate Water Use Efficiency in Plants
19325 Meta-MEME, Version 2.01
19318 The Equalizer: DNA Array Analysis Software for Data Normalization
19315 Web Server with Differentiated Quality of Service
19314 Method and Apparatus for Body Modeling and Movement Analysis
19313 SMTSIM
19311 OPEN MMS
19310 SQUID
19309 FADE and PADRE
19308 Load/Unload Simulator
19307 GenePalette: Software For Genome Sequence Navigation And Analysis
19305 Method for Fast Atomic Density Evaluation
19304 Secure Internet-based Behavior Modification
19279 WebCHARTS
19272 Euler V2.0
19300 Smart Power Management for Idle PCs (aka “Sleep-Server”)
19299 Marine Organism Yields a Patented Family of Antitumor/Antibiotic Compounds
19289 Molecules for Labeling Peripheral Nerves for use in Image Guided Surgery and Other Clinical Applications
19284 Molecular Biology Toolkit (MBT)
19277 Direct Communication by Brain Signalling
19261 Cell Line to Monitor HIV Infection Using Green Fluorescent Protein
19260 Leutenizing Hormone Secreting Cell Line
19259 Novel Thyrotrope Cell Line: T-alpha-T1
19256 Pituitary Progenitor Cell Line (alpha T1-1)
19253 Monoclonal Antibodies to Soluble Human MD-2
19246 A Method of Developing Single Molecule DNA Nanoparticles as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents
19244 Peptides Targeted to the CNS for Clearance of Protein Aggregates in Alzheimer's Disease
19231 High Precision Carbon Dioxide Detection for Geological Reservoirs
19229 High-Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on TiO2 Nanotubes
19227 New Platform for a Multi-Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance Biochemical Sensor
19226 6-18 GHz 8-Element SiGe Phased Array Beamformer Chip
19221 Novel Antigen for Immunization in Cancer
19220 Alzheimer's Disease Vaccine
19216 Channelrhodopsin Mutants with Improved Channel Kinetics and Other Properties
19213 Enhanced siRNA Delivery Using a Novel Peptide
19208 Targeting B Cells in Prostate Cancer
19207 Compositions and Methods for Activating Toll-Like Receptors
19200 Monitoring Atherosclerosis Regression, Plaque Stabilization, and Cardiovascular Risk Using a Novel Method to Quantify Oxidized Phospholipids
19191 Transgenic Mice Over-Expressing Caveolin-3 (M-Caveolin) within the Cardiac Myocyte
19190 Ultrasensitive, Ion Channel-Based Sensors
19189 System for Peripheral Vision Scotoma Screening
19155 Method For High Level Production Of Recombinant Protein
19185 Directional Coupled Waveguide Photo Detector
19183 Novel Anti-inflammatory Inhibitors of Phospholipase A2
19181 Methods and Systems for Direct Sequencing of Single DNA Molecules
19180 A Novel Technique for Fabricating Biomolecular Nano-Arrays Enabling High-DNA Amplification and Sequencing
19176 A Method To Measure Neurotransmitters In Vivo
19174 System for Tracking Sharps and Tools in the Operating Room
19173 The Chip-Dasl Technology For Functional Genomics Studies
19150 The Integrin Activation Interface